Future of Cloud Computing 2013 Survey: The rise of the Hybrid Cloud

Recently, GigaOM Research published their annual survey on the future of cloud computing.

The 2013 Future of Cloud Computing 3rd Annual Survey was conducted in partnership with GigaOM Research and 57 industry collaborators. This survey was their largest survey yet, analyzing answers from 855 respondents; of which, 43% were business users or IT decision makers and approximately one-third of respondents were C-Level. The survey focused on Cloud adoption, growth, investment, and key trends stemming from the 2011 and 2012 survey results.

Hybrid CloudThe results of this survey were very intriguing, revealing several new trends and insights into decision process for cloud adopters.

For instance, the survey showed that businesses that have embraced cloud computing as a core component of their business strategy, outpace their competition. In addition, it is clear that over the next five years, hybrid cloud will become the norm. While SaaS continues to be the most popular form of cloud service, IaaS is the fastest growing category. Interestingly enough, security is not as large of an inhibitor to cloud adoption as it has been in the past, while agility and scalability are the primary drivers for cloud adoption.

Check out the full survey results: 2013 Future of Cloud Computing – 3rd Annual Survey Results

Notable Cloud Findings From the Survey

  • Over the past year, software-as-a service usage grew 15% compared to 2012, with SaaS in use in almost two-thirds of organizations surveyed. However, the category with the fastest predicted growth is in IaaS, which saw an increase in usage from 35% to 45% during the past 12 months.

SaaS and IaaS use in organizations

  • More than half of survey respondents cited business agility (54.5%) and scalability (54.3%) as the main drivers, with cost close behind at 48% .

Consistent Drivers of Cloud Adoption

  • Both business and IT (68% of total respondents) see greater migration to the cloud as bringing equal or better total cost of ownership (TCO) to the organization.
  • Security is no longer the top inhibitor to cloud adoption, decreasing from 55% of respondents in 2012 to only 46% in 2013. However, reliability (22.3%) and complexity (21%) are still top concerns for decision makers when considering moving to the cloud.

Top Inhibitors of Cloud Adoption

  • 76% of respondents expect hybrid clouds to be the core of their cloud strategies within the next five years, overtaking public and private clouds.

Hybrid Cloud On the Rise

Surveys like this continue to show the increasing adoption of the Cloud by businesses looking to bolster their resources like security, accessibility, support, etc. Technology research firm Gartner predicts that the size of the cloud computing market could reach $150 billion USD in 2013 and from 2013 through 2016, $677 billion USD will be spent worldwide on cloud services.

Yet, studies still show that the Hybrid Cloud Model remains a comfortable alternative to the all-in approach for businesses. Hybrid Cloud gives businesses the reassurance that their private intranets and client information can remain safely guarded on-premises while partner programs and vendor and customer sign-ins can live in the cloud on a secure, dedicated server.

Overall, GigaOM Research’s survey shows a bright future for cloud computing.

While there are sunny skies ahead, there are still areas of caution that are inhibiting decision makers from making the decision to move to the cloud. Because of these barriers, it is not surprising that popularity of the hybrid cloud has grown significantly over the past year, a trend expected to continue over the next five years. While public clouds make sense for things like DropBox and Gmail and the private cloud is a perfect fit for companies in highly regulated industries or who need vast amounts of security, the hybrid cloud will fit perfectly for most businesses.

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