Going Green with SharePoint (Part 2 of 3)

We’re halfway through Fpweb.net’s Green Week initiative! Andy Milsark, our Lead SharePoint Engineer, offers another benefit of using SharePoint to Go Green. In case you missed the first post in his series, please see Going Green with SharePoint (Part 1)

Going Green with Fpweb.net

#2 Benefit to Using SharePoint 2010 to Go Green: Reduce Energy Consumption

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 has many potential uses and is more of an extensible platform than a packaged product. Upon this platform lies great potential for consolidation of your legacy systems. It’s quite possible for SharePoint to replace your CRM, BI, AR\AP, ERP, search, ECM, project management, case management, process workflow, logistics, public website, intranet, extranet, and other systems into one common technology platform.

When consolidating the servers from these systems and moving to an Fpweb.net managed private SharePoint cloud, energy consumption savings are significant.  You save electricity (server power/cooling) and $dollar bills$ by consolidation and making the move to the cloud. A report by Gartner Inc., stated that “the effective use of virtualization can reduce server energy consumption by up to 82 percent and floor space by 85 percent(Gartner: “Energy Savings via Virtualization: Green IT on a Budget”; Nov. 12, 2008). 

Vmware has a nifty green calculator for figuring out the kWh savings and annual CO2 emissions reduction of virtualization. By taking a five server SharePoint farm to the cloud (virtualizing them) you save 33,055 kWh and 52,326 lbs of CO2 emissions annually. This is comparable to taking four cars off the road and planting 78 trees. These changes can really make a difference in your business’ carbon footprint.

If you want to reduce your CO2 emissions and wasted electricity, consider virtualizing your systems on the Fpweb.net hosted SharePoint 2010 platform. Leasing infrastructure, Microsoft licensing, and Microsoft Certified SharePoint expertise allow your company the flexibility to properly grow an efficient solution. At Fpweb.net, your environment is built to grow. As your business needs change, your environment can grow, allowing you the flexibility to own your data while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Fpweb.net specializes in hosting SharePoint – it’s all we do. If you run into a particular SharePoint challenge we’re here to help and we’ve probably seen it before. When you think of consolidating your systems and data into a hosted SharePoint private cloud and saving some significant cash along the way – think Fpweb.net.

Please stay tuned for the final benefit to Going Green with SharePoint! We’ll have more green tips tomorrow. And please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions!

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