Going Green with SharePoint (Part 3 of 3)

In our final post for National Green Week 2012, Fpweb.net‘s Lead SharePoint Engineer Andy Milsark offers another benefit of using SharePoint to “Go Green”. Missed the last post in this series? That’s okay, please see Going Green with SharePoint (Part 2)

#3 Benefit to Using SharePoint 2010 to Go Green:
Reduce Travel by Your Sales Team and Partners

The collaboration capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 are changing the way people work.

With a SharePoint environment, it’s becoming easier than ever to collaborate remotely with team members and stakeholders hundreds or thousands of miles away. Online collaboration in SharePoint can enable remote meetings and presentations or automate workflows to reduce the amount of paperwork involved. And your organization can leverage these rich collaboration tools to cut costs and drive “Green” initiatives.

The time has come to consider new measures and new business practices aimed at reducing environmental impact while simultaneously reducing expenses. We all know automobiles and air traffic contribute significantly to air pollution and global warming. So… are there ways to utilize SharePoint to cut down on the travelling that’s typically required to host a meeting? Let’s take a closer look.

One amazing feature of SharePoint 2010 is its tight integration with other Microsoft Office applications like Word, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint. This integration between SharePoint and the core suite of Microsoft products opens up tremendous new possibilities for enterprise-scale collaboration. Consider the PowerPoint “broadcasting” feature in SharePoint 2010 for example. PowerPoint broadcasting enables speakers and meeting leaders to share their PowerPoint presentations-in real time- with other team members across the globe.

PowerPoint broadcasting in SharePoint 2010 can help your company “go green” by facilitating remote meetings and presentations. Your team can now deliver virtual presentations to customers, partners, investors or employees all over the world using the familiar PowerPoint interface. You get to save some fuel (and save yourself and your colleagues from security line frustration and those annoying baggage fees) by using this snazzy piece of functionality to deliver your message.

To get started using the PowerPoint broadcasting feature in SharePoint 2010, make sure you have Office Web Apps setup first. Office Web Apps includes a special PowerPower Broadcast site collection template. With Office Web Apps running on SharePoint 2010 (Foundation or Server) you can broadcast a PPT presentation in real time to whomever you like. SharePoint handles the logistics.

The screenshots below show a couple different ways you can initiate a broadcast session from within the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 client.

Initiating a broadcast with PowerPoint 1
One method: click on ‘Broadcast Slide Show’ in the “Save & Send” options

Initiating a broadcast with PowerPoint 2
Another method: click ‘Broadcast Slide Show’ from the Slide Show

Next you’ll need to select a broadcast service (either SharePoint or Microsoft Live Servers), send out the link and start presenting. NOTE: If this is your first time using SharePoint 2010 to broadcast, you will need to add the URL to the PowerPoint Broadcast site collection.

add the URL to the PowerPoint Broadcast site collection
The attendee view in Google Chrome.

The same functionality also works on Apple iOS devices- as Jeff DeVerter recently demonstrated here.

title slide

When you’re all finished with your presentation, you can end the PowerPoint broadcast by clicking “End Broadcast” and hang up the phone.

Screenshot: End of PowerPoint broadcast
Your attendees will be notified that the broadcast is over.

Be a SharePoint hero for your company and the planet! Start giving some PowerPoint presentations remotely using the PowerPoint Broadcasting on hosted SharePoint 2010 from Fpweb.net!

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