Happiness is a FREE SharePoint Migration

Well, we have good news and we have better news.

SharePoint MigrationThe good news is that our FREE SharePoint Migration promotion was a success. We created the offer because we’re always trying to find ways to bring more value to our customers’ SharePoint environments. We put the feelers out there during SPC12 and in conversations with different customers and the results were pretty clear – everyone wants a simple, direct way to migrate to SharePoint 2013.

So, if everyone wants an easier way to update, we went out on a limb and assumed that while easy is great, adding free to the equation would be a game changer. And just in case, SharePoint 2013 wasn’t their endgame – we’d take them to any version of SharePoint they like. For free.

Needless to say, it brought a lot of attention our way and we’re excited about all the new relationships it started.

Here’s a few ways it helped:

How it helped our current customers:

A lot of our current customers were able to use it to update to the latest version of SharePoint. It’s always a tough decision to make when a new version becomes available, especially if you’ve just gotten to SharePoint 2010. Having a free path to get you where you want to go can make a big difference. And while we were updating some of our customers’ SharePoint environments, we found new ways to streamline their current processes by removing unnecessary hardware or anything that they were getting no use from. It was basically like sending an old car through a car wash and a shiny new car rolls out the other side…  

How it helped our new customers:

A free SharePoint migration is no little thing and it attracted the attention of some people who were previously unfamiliar with our product. It’s always a win for a business when you get to introduce new people to a product that you’re proud of, so this was no different. A lot of times people just get stuck. They have a lot of money, equipment and manpower directed at something that they know isn’t ideal for their business. Our free SharePoint migration helped open the door for these people to pursue a new direction. We happily led them from their old, antiquated hardware they had on-premises and introduced them to our state-of-the-art private, virtual environments. The difference was basically like watching the original Tron and then watching Tron: Legacy 3D…

How it helped customers coming from a shared environment:

A lot of current customers and new customers belonged to multi-tenant environments. These shared, public clouds are often a starting point for businesses that need a SharePoint plan and want to save money in the beginning. Unfortunately, as these companies grow, their SharePoint environments can’t grow with them and the limited functionality can become a big hindrance. It starts taking up a lot of time and money to fix. Shared environments often don’t allow customizations that could be a big benefit to your business and your IT team can grow pretty irritable when they’re refused administrative access to their servers. Our free SharePoint migrations took them away from all of that. As always, our SharePoint Cloud gives total server control with unlimited customization abilities. They now enjoy full functionality at full power. It’s basically like finding out your sports car has more gears than just first – open that baby up!

So, now for the better news.

If you haven’t already heard from speaking to a member of our team, yes, we are continuing the FREE SharePoint Migration. Call it ‘due to popular demand’, call it ‘we’re still dealing with all the requests that poured in at the end of January’, call it whatever you like – the truth is, we’re quite fond of all the attention we’re getting from making SharePoint lives easier! Our goal was to add value to our customers’ SharePoint environments and you’re letting us know that it’s working. So, of course we’re happy to keep that going!

Get started doing more with less today!

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