Hoozin Brings Social to Your SharePoint Environment

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Recently we’ve been working closely with our ISV partners to learn more about their products and the great benefits they add to dedicated SharePoint environments hosted at Fpweb.net.  Today, I would like to highlight the social collaboration platform by Hoozin.

One of the great things about this platform is that it can be installed, completely controlled, and customized on your hosted SharePoint servers.  It provides many similar functionalities as Yammer; however, Yammer is only available as a public cloud service offered by Microsoft.  Utilizing Hoozin with Fpweb.net gives you full control of the configuration and customization of the application and its powerful social capabilities.

Implementing Hoozin in your hosted SharePoint environment allows your users to immediately take full advantage of the social features in SharePoint Server 2013 in a beautiful interface that fosters collaboration. It is an easy-to-use experience that allows your internal users (and external partners but more on that later) to configure their user account and start posting, liking, and following away.

Custom branded Hoozin intranet landing page

Currently, there are four types of application template extensions for the communities which you can utilize to increase your employee productivity, interaction, and platform adoption: Help desk, Project, Scheduler, and Document Management. This app store includes an SDK that allows you or your partners to build additional application templates to suit your business requirements.

Available apps in the Hoozin app store

Lets’s take a brief look at what you get with each of these apps.

Document Management

Hoozin document management app interface

The Document Management app allows you to easily upload, tag, and view your documents.  There are a few different views which allow you to visualize your documents and folders with in a similar fashion to Windows Explorer.


Hoozin Help Desk application Hoozin scheduler apps allows you to propose event times

This application allows your users to post events and solicit votings for dates and times for the event.


Hoozin Help Desk application

The Help Desk application allows the quick deployment of an issue and bug tracking system.  As a helpdesk team member, you can filter the bugs/issues communicate with the customer and eventually close the issue.


Hoozin Project management application

The Project app allows you to create a simple project management system complete with task management, milestones, and reports. You can export and import Microsoft Project (mpp) files.

Collaborate with External Users

Hoozin makes it easy to invite external users to the conversation. The external user is sent an email invitation with a hyperlink and temporary password. Once the user logs in, they are walked through a wizard to change their password, create a profile, and start socializing.  These users are stored in Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services which means you don’t need to create an Active Directory account on your network!

Invite external users to join the conversation!

User Profile complete with achievements!


These are just example out-of-the-box applications and Hoozin is currently building many more. By utilizing the Hoozin SDK and the sample application code provided, your developers can build some amazing plug in applications that are tailored to your specific business requirements as well!

Next Steps

If you are interested in this very cool Social SharePoint technology, contact us today!

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