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Office 365 with Fpweb.netIn today’s world of hybrid environments, one thing is abundantly clear – a single option just doesn’t work for SharePoint.

At, most of our customers combine on-premises deployments with cloud-based environments with dedicated or shared resources (or both).

To that end, has been hosting private cloud SharePoint environments for years, and last year, we began expanding our expertise and support to on-premises environments and those hosted with other providers who can’t provide deep support around SharePoint.

Our new offerings were created as a direct result of customers who struggled in certain areas or needed a simpler way to do things. So, to make their lives easier, we now re-sell Office 365 plans and have added our priority response support to the product.

Entering the world of Office 365

As I hinted at above, a good percentage of our hosted customers already use Office 365 today and those that don’t are, at the very least, exploring it as an option to pair with their other environments. So, we wanted to make it easy to not only add Office 365 to their business but also rapid support for the product.

One of’s greatest strengths is the level of support we provide our customers. Our teams have extensive knowledge of SharePoint and have seen just about every issue that can come up over the years. We provide quick and accurate answers for our customers, and we average a six minute response time on our tickets. What that means for you is that if we’re supporting your Office 365 environment, you don’t have to wait for hours or days for a response, just minutes. So you can get your answer and move on to one of the other thousand tasks we are all required to perform each day.

How it affects your business

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have just one number to call or one place to enter a ticket if you have an issue or a question with your SharePoint environments? Unlike many other providers, we don’t care where your SharePoint environments live, we’ll help you regardless of location.

If you need some simple help around creating lists and libraries, setting the proper permissions for SharePoint Online or installing and configuring that new third party web part on your internally hosted intranet, can help.

Speaking of third party web parts…

Since we’ve been working with SharePoint from the beginning, we also partner with many of today’s top SharePoint companies as you can see from our SharePoint Solution Showcase. And if you’re wondering how that can help you, let’s say for example that you want to use InfoPath Forms but aren’t comfortable using them since Microsoft seems on the fence about what to do with the product. Well, that’s where we can come in and help point you in the right direction of some great solutions – in this case, Nintex and/or K2 and their forms products.

There are so many great tools that help you use SharePoint more effectively, and we can make sure you’re connected with the right people to get these great tools.

What about extra support? 

Well, if you haven’t already, check out Joe Beyer’s blog about’s admin support services. It essentially explains that when your company purchases a bank of support hours from us, you can use them in any manner that you choose, whether it be for your hosted environment, your on-premises environment and now your Office 365 environment.

Start moving your business forward

Now you can purchase Office 365 directly through Of course, if you need help deciding where your SharePoint environment should live, just give us a call or hop on our chat and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

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