How to Exceed Customer Expectations in Four Steps

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So, I figured I’d do you the favor of talking about something that’s close to my heart and skill set rather than just read a few articles and pretend to know more than you about a topic I’m really just regurgitating recycled information on. Sound good?

Oddly enough… this ends up being a decent segue into the topic of conversation.

This blog is about exceeding customer expectations and we’ve already learned our first lesson: Don’t pretend to have answers or extensive experience when a situation arises and you’re uninformed.

Do what’s best for your client, (in this case, my readers), and either find them the accurate information they’re looking for or talk about the things you DO have confidence speaking on. Do yourself and everyone else a favor – people can usually tell when you’re full of it.

Listed below are a handful of things we do to ensure we’re giving customers the level of support and expertise they deserve.

Four Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations

1. Be Proactive instead of Reactive

    1. Our Customer Success team makes sure our clients have everything they need to be successful in their business ventures.
    2. Forward thinking solves potential problems before they exist and finds opportunities to help their environment perform better.
    3. Looking out for the client really lets them know you have their best interest in mind and gives a great impression as a reliable business or partner.
    4. The fewer issues a customer encounters, the better. If we’re finding and resolving problems before they affect the customer, it’s easier for them to focus on their business.

2. Communicate!

    1. Be responsive. When a client needs help or has any type of inquiry, we make it clear that we acknowledge them.
    2. Even if we don’t have the answers for them immediately, we make sure they know we’re working on it.
    3. Often, we can avoid making a customer upset just by keeping them informed. If the issue isn’t resolved, being aware of the steps being taken can be a big help.
    4. This is a smart way to show we’re doing what we can to complete their request and is a great way to foster and strengthen relationships.

3. Balance Quality of Work and Timeliness Effectively

    1. Everyone wants anything they requested NOW and done perfectly – a difficult goal to reach with every client. It’s just how the world works.
    2. Ensuring the customer has an accurate timetable for their completion of work helps them understand where we are in the process without having to consistently reach out and feel disappointed.
    3. Don’t sacrifice on quality. Everything you deliver should be pristine. We aren’t serving fast food here; we’re 5-star dining. It may cost more, but our product and services are packed with value that helps create an entirely new experience.

4. Provide the Support We Promise

    1. It’s easy to talk the talk, but we also have to walk the walk. Every day.
    2. We answer our tickets in a very timely manner (less than six minute response time), and we make sure our customers understand the process.
    3. From planning to building to repairing the environment, we create custom solutions that fit perfectly into our customer’s unique business needs.
    4. We’re here to help our customers – that’s the bottom line!

In summation, we treat our customers just as we expect to be treated (and we like to be pampered…) 

We are paid a premium and so we are expect to provide a PREMIUM service. Those are the expectations. Be proactive, help the customer address needs they may not even know they have yet, communicate even if it’s not always good news (people want to be kept in the loop), don’t sacrifice quality for quickness (because the customer will notice), give support when needed, and help every customer succeed by giving them the tools they need to move their business forward.

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