Introducing IaaS – Hosting & Twisted Pair WAVE Technology

Big things are coming in the world of SaaS!  Announced yesterday is a new partnership between Twisted Pair &, making broad cross-organization communication affordable and easier than ever.  We are very proud to offer Interoperability as a Service – possible with a combination of WAVE Technology from Twisted Pair and the secure, scalable I.T. infrastructure of

For public service organizations like federal, state or local governments, fire departments and police – communication is a critical component to saving lives and minimizing mistakes.  The ability to communicate through voice systems is especially important – and makes a life-saving difference when faced with the mission-critical challenges of disasters and emergencies.

While most organizations have extensive, secure (and expensive) communication networks, often these networks only work within that organization.  While the organization itself can communicate like a well-oiled machine, the equipment is not compatible to communicate across the vast network of external agencies if needed.

Take Hurricane Katrina for example: Before, during and after the storm hit, tens of thousands were involved in relief efforts.  It is a shining example of American generosity as  volunteers from all over the country joined together to help those in need.  The American Red Cross, churches, private clubs, local fire and police departments, state-funded organizations, FEMA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, The National Guard, and many more were all involved.  Hurricane Katrina is one of the worst disasters we’ve ever endured – and the reality is that despite the best efforts of tens of thousands, mistakes were everywhere. Communication, it seemed – was non-existent in the face of grave circumstances.

What happened after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans?   Our finest volunteers and agencies scrambled to develop systems to communicate with each other.   Sadly, even with state of the art communications tools used within each organization, no one could bridge this gap between the expensive technologies that each organization possessed.  Even to this day, the relief efforts in New Orleans lacks true interoperability.   Leaders at technology companies like & Twisted Pair knew there had to be an affordable way to solve this problem…

Introducing…. IaaS – Interoperability as a Service

Interoperability as a Service extends existing push-to-talk systems and local IPs used for communication to other authorized agencies via a managed hosting deployment.  Twisted Pair’s revolutionary WAVE Technology makes it possible to communicate through Internet IPs with other agencies via Radio over IP (RoIP) technologies. provides the cloud to host the data, and the expertise to manage the hardware & complex infrastructure as needed for a pay-as-you-go IaaS system deployment that allows the service organizations to focus on what they do best – save and rebuild lives of those who have lost everything.

Small and large organizations alike pay only for the amount of infrastructure and data storage they need.  The power of SaaS combined with the power of WAVE technology produces a startlingly low-cost Interoperability-as-a-service solution that helps first responding agencies work together more effectively.

This pairing of communication and infrastructure isn’t a pipe dream. The U.S. Military already benefits from Interoperable Communication. However, the budget limitations of smaller organizations – much like those who worked diligently in the wake of Katrina – have put such technology out of the reach.  With the SaaS model applied to the same technology used in the military, the daunting up-front investment is gone, and a manageable monthly cost suddenly makes cross-organization communication a reality.

Interoperability is a no-brainer. In the past decade alone, we’ve faced countless major threats of exteme weather, wildfires, terrorism, bridge collapses, and city-wide blackouts.  Cooperation between first-response teams saves lives, resources, and time.  The folks at and Twisted Pair can’t change the weather, but we can improve the way our first-responders communicate by empowering them with affordable IaaS solutions.

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