Infographics: Why your company needs them

Good infographicChances are you’ve seen an infographic.

Infographics capture attention. They attract visual and reading learners at the same time, which is almost everyone. So, maybe you’ve been meaning to get some infographics together to explain your own business, but you’re not even sure what an infographic is. Well here is your spoiler alert: Infographics are just that. Info-graphics.

They are graphical representations of information, data or knowledge and according to, “About 65% of people are mainly visual learners, in that they easily pick up information with their eyes. Visual learners often associate the things they learn with the images they saw when they first learned the material.” That means, most people will remember your company and your information more clearly if they look at things versus reading or hearing.

Now, different business could have different approaches to creating infographics. One common way could be to make them heavily graphic orientated with very little copy, thus letting the images do most of the talking for you. Another way to create infographics is to use more copy to help tell the story and using the graphics as supporting elements on the page. And that’s how we create infographics here at

Since we have so much SharePoint information to give, we tend to use more copy to get our point across and then use graphics to support the copy. (i.e. We could have a section that highlights storage space in one short sentence and has an icon of a hard drive next to it. Now, someone can visually put the two together and think “storage space. Image of hard drive. Got it.)

Keep it Branded

When we create our infographics, we make sure to use our brand “color palette”. Meaning, we wouldn’t use a lot of orange, green or red since our primary color palette is blue, black and white. It is okay to use other colors to highlight things here or there, but make sure the primary use of color is your brand color palette. That way when someone looks at your shiny new infographic, whether it is conscious or sub conscious, they can match that document to your brand, retaining that sense of trust.

Here at, I work with our Senior Copywriter and Marketing Director to create our Hosted SharePoint infographics. We do our best to combine our knowledge and expertise to create marketing tools that clearly explain our services and offerings – from comparing SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2010, to Public vs Private Cloud, to Value of the Private Cloud, to Disaster Recovery options and more (see below).


Our Infographic Comparing SharePoint 2010 vs. SharePoint 2013


Our Infographic Showing our SharePoint Disaster Recovery Plans


Could we just type out all of this information in documents on letterhead and let someone read through everything? Yes, but chances are they will retain more information thanks to the visual representation and most importantly, remember because of the colors and graphic choices we use.

Benefits of Infographics:

No matter what type of infographic your company chooses to create, they all have many benefits to your business:

Stick out from the crowd

There is so much information in the world today that a lot of it just runs together and goes unnoticed. By creating an infographic, you can easily display information to readers with a fun, graphic-friendly take on things. Most readers tend to gravitate towards easy to read documents.

Shareable information

Information that is easy to understand and has a fun twist to it is much more likely to be shared amongst humans. We like things that are visually compelling and would much rather learn from infographics than having to read paragraphs just to get the same information.

Easy to remember

The majority of people out there have a much easier time remember things they see graphically, versus having to read. When you want to get your information out there and have it remembered, creating infographics is the best way to go.

Infographics are something that no matter what the business, are very beneficial pieces of material that should be utilized. Whether you need to display stats comparing topics, or even just inform people of your products, an infographic can always be created to fit your needs.

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