INTERVIEW: What Makes SPTechCon and Special

SPTechCon is once more right around the corner and before we make the trip to Boston for another great SharePoint-focused conference, Jesse Roche, our VP of Sales, sat down with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice to discuss how SharePoint has evolved and how has evolved along with it.

Among other things, Roche explains how’s history began as a hosting company and turned their focus on FrontPages once it was introduced – even going so far as to change their name to reflect their expertise in the application. Once FrontPages transformed into SharePoint, stuck with the platform and has now seen every version of Microsoft’s business tool.

Some paraphrased highlights from the interview:

What is A dedicated SharePoint hosting provider that specializes in private cloud deployments.

Why does like most about SPTechCon: The attendees already understand SharePoint and its value which saves us a big step in our conversations so we can focus on the value we bring to the environment, not just what the environment would entail.

Describe the typical customer: “Complicated” has over 1,500 custom environments. Our private clouds are built for organizations who need functionality beyond a public cloud or Office 365 space. Our customers need to add web parts, custom code, and whatever functionality they need to fully utilize SharePoint and maximize their ROI.

Biggest SharePoint transformation you’ve seen: How people are using SharePoint. Now you see more organizations using BI functionality instead of just treating the platform as a document repository. Microsoft has made the appropriate changes to the social aspects of the platform and opened it up for third party vendors to create tools that maximize SharePoint’s functionality which has led to more companies coming on board.

What is’s biggest differentiator: Support. Our technicians are focused on SharePoint so, due to their expertise, it’s likely your question will be answered on the first phone call with no need for escalation.

What does the future look like: Hybrid. We’re focused on offering hybrid environments where organizations can utilize Office 365 and beyond. We want to give organizations the functionality they need while still being able to integrate back and forth with the familiar applications that their users are already using.

Where are your datacenters located: St. Louis, Kansas City and London.

Here the full interview by clicking the SoundCloud link at the top of the post.

Thank you to Clark Buckner (check out his Tech Conference calendar) for taking the time to interview and we hope to see you all at SPTechCon Boston. Tickets are still available and it’s a great way to identify the differences between Office 365, SharePoint in the Cloud, SharePoint on-premises and hybrid environments that encompass it all. If you’re building your company’s SharePoint roadmap, this is a must-attend conference!

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