Intranet in a Box Fad or Fashion?

Dozens of companies are now selling these intranet in a box concepts. They usually include a good-looking portal with common features that have popular appeal and are easy to work with.

It seems that people have found the typical site templates work for ad hoc collaboration and sets of lists, but few are happy with a team site or a out of the box portal template for an intranet. What you can do with it is just not enough. It’s missing something and few can put their finger on it.

Companies want a feature-rich, but simple, intranet. The idea of an intranet in a box with lightweight customization, that fits the company brand, and is way more mobile and responsive from what Microsoft provides with the out of the box templates in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016, is appealing.

What this means is, there is a little battle going on for figuring out who has the best intranet in a box. Leading contenders are pitting their tech against each other with companies providing varying levels of customization and flexibility.

What you get with nearly every solution is a powerfully rich and simple UI, improved news rotator and news entry system, easier to work with user interface that’s mobile, responsive, more integrated, more feature rich, more modern, and scratches more of those intranet itches that go beyond the baseline requirements.

A few of the key contenders you’ll find in this space are:

  • Valo – Fall in Love with your Intranet
  • Powell 365 – Combine the power of all products into a single UI and a powerful Admin UI
  • Bonzai – Key Components and framework to build more
  • LiveTyles – Modern UI that doesn’t look or feel like SharePoint

While intranet in a box seems to be the hottest word on the street in tackling the minimize customization siren call, we expect the playing field to consolidate in a big way this next year. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft put together new templates and components as well.

Either way, many are looking to simplify their custom world. You can do that by moving to Fpweb and letting us help you sort it out.

There are definitely ways to get the functionality you seek without installing a dozen or more packages. Many are stuck on 2007 or 2010, afraid it will cost them $50K or more just to get upgraded because of where they are. Fill out this form, email us, or call us at 866-780-4678, and we can give you a much more realistic estimate to get you to the streamlined state of smoother upgrades and functionality you seek.

That’s yet another reason these intranet in a box solutions are popular. Because it feels like you shouldn’t have to be installing so many things just to get the functionality and really the modern user experience you seek.

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