Introducing Office 365 Without Compromise

Add to Office 365Office 365 may be a popular subscription-based SharePoint hosting product, but their cloud can only take you so far. This has left many customers wondering how to get the full cloud functionality that their business needs.

Have you tried Office 365 and need more? You are not alone. Every conference that I attend, I have the same conversation with many different businesses. You want on-premises standard of control, access and configuration over your messaging and collaboration system. You need top-notch managed services and support as well to help lighten the load on your team (who often aren’t specialized in the technology that you’re hosting).

The claim is always the same:  “My users are VIP.”  And you’re right. You and your Enterprise deserve better – so why settle for a service that limits you? Let’s raise the bar and give your team what they’re asking for. By increasing the environment’s functionality, you can meet more of your business needs and, in turn, your team can increase their productivity and even start getting their work done faster.

I’m telling you that it is possible to have your Office 365 with all of the functionality that your business deserves.

Dedicated Private Office 365

All the benefits of the cloud, without the compromise or risk. You can have Hosted Exchange, Hosted Lync, and Hosted SharePoint on fully managed dedicated servers that you control.  This guarantees that you know where your data lives and meets your security and compliance requirements. Oh, and you can run it in a private cloud, hybrid mode or on-premises managed environment. 

Cloud Control Panel

How about a single view to manage all your messaging and collaboration users? A sophisticated administrative Control Panel built from the ground up to match your business needs for flexible implementations across on-premises and Cloud based services. Easily wrangle thousands of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint users for even the most demanding verticals and industries.

Meeting Advanced Enterprise Needs

Outsourcing Exchange, Lync and SharePoint has never been easier. And once you have successfully migrated, more managed services await you, including mobile device management (MDM), advanced security and monitoring, data protection, recovery, archiving and storage solutions.

A Cloud for Everyone

We recognize that one Cloud does not fit all. That’s the power of a hybrid deployment. Do as much or as little as you want. Take small steps. Mix and match. According to Gartner, Hybrid is the key to IT success until the “year of the Cloud” in 2016. Here are the flavors. How many scoops would you like?

  • Enterprise private cloud
  • Managed private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Managed public cloud
  • On-premise private cloud
  • Managed on-premises private cloud

So, have your Office 365 if it fits your business, but if you find yourself pushing against the limits that it sets, consider an Office 365 without compromise – an O365 within a private cloud. Now you can enjoy full functionality and the unlimited customization you would experience on-premises coupled with the security, performance and availability that the private cloud provides.

Call me direct if you want to discuss further.  — Rob  636 600 8957.

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