Introducing Our New SharePoint Foundation Hosting Plans

It’s the stuff billboards are made of: Lowered pricing, faster quotes and purchasing made easy.

This blog in a nutshell: has lowered our pricing for our SharePoint Foundation Hosting plans and made it possible to get instant quotes just by going to our website. If the quote suits your business, you can pull the trigger and purchase online right then and there. We immediately start architecting your environment once we get payment confirmation.

Experience fast, easy (and cheaper) SharePoint Hosting with

Why did we do it?

To make things easier for you, of course. And cheaper. Basically, when we decided to lower pricing on our Foundation plans to make hosting a more viable option for small businesses, we figured, what better way to roll it out than with a web page that gives an instant quote and then allows you to securely purchase it online.

Just how secure is it?

Very. We are PCI compliant which means we follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is a set of strict requirements developed by major card brands to ensure consistent data security measures. Also, we use which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to make fast, reliable and secure transactions.

How do I use it?

What’s easier than going to a SharePoint Foundation plan page that can give you an instant quote in two easy steps? Then if you like, you simply proceed with the billing and contact info, choose your terms (where discounts are available), place your order and viola. We start working like Geppetto to make your SharePoint environment a real boy! Or at least a reality for your business…

Will you just walk me through it?

Of course. Go to

The first step involves choosing your SharePoint version (SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013) and how many gigs of disk space you need:

New SharePoint Foundation Pricing

Now you just need to enter your billing and contact info. You can also choose additional hosting options. By choosing your billing options, you have an opportunity for some savings through waived set up fees for quarterly billing and a 10% discount and waived set up fee for annual billing.

Purchase SharePoint Foundation Plan

But, what if I need more?

Well, that’s understandable because every business is different. If you want to dig into some custom bits and pieces of SharePoint to make sure it fits your business to a tee, then you want to take advantage of our free SharePoint consultations. It may not be as easy as point and click, but we’ll get you in touch with our SharePoint Team to discuss your needs and find the perfect, customized plan for you.

How about a quote from that guy in the webinars?

“We’re very happy to provide simplified pricing and plans for any business,” said’s Vice President of Sales, Jesse Roche. “Businesses want the instant gratification that comes with quick cost estimates and the ease-of-purchase online that this site allows. We think our customers will enjoy the speed with which they can make secure purchases online as well as the speed with which they will have their SharePoint environment delivered to them.”

Can you wrap it up in a nutshell again, please?

Sure. We want you to check out our new SharePoint Foundation Hosting plans. We’ve lowered the prices on them. We’ve made it easy for you to get an instant quote for your environment. We make it possible for you to purchase the plan online. We start work on your SharePoint infrastructure as soon as you place your order.

Fast, easy-to-use and inexpensive. Just like your SharePoint should be.

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