IT: Marketing’s Most Valuable Employee

Everyone is Marketing…

Every time you wear the shirt. Every time you mention your job. Every time you answer the phone. We all play a critical role in representing our business. So yes, you are on the Marketing Team. …I’m looking at you Mr. SharePoint Admin.

The best Marketing a company can put out there doesn’t have to come from an expensive ad agency, a flashy, albeit amazing two story conference booth, or the sharply dressed marketing pros on the exhibit floor. In Marketing, nothing will ever trump the nerds in the dungeon offices (sporting the ninja turtle t-shirts) who make sure when a customer gets off the phone they’re almost happy the problem happened in the first place since they got that extra juicy tech tip offered at no additional cost.

The Modern Marketing Team

In a technology company, it can be difficult to get everyone on board with the “everyone is marketing” philosophy, but I find it’s the most critical aspect to the success of our Marketing department.

You can spend all the budget in the world on a two story booth for Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference, but what will the investment mean if your help desk engineer leaves a customer with an unsavory taste after a quick troubleshooting call? Or if Sales takes a week to produce a quote, and billing runs a payment one too many times? These things matter!

Social media has changed the game and we all know how one bad experience with an intern can be plastered for all current and potential customers to see. Everyone has access to your corporate engine by taking the route of Twitter and Facebook, etc. Their comments can be seen by anyone and, more than ever, you need to come across in a positive light. Each point of contact, no matter the level of the employee, will build or diminish your social karma and you better believe that leads to negative or positive Marketing ROI in the long run.

IT: Marketing’s First Line of Defense

If you’re an Administrator or Developer reading this, I can imagine your thought process may be, “I have nothing to do with Marketing, (not to mention I don’t even think those people do anything but travel and spend money…)” but trust that the little “above and beyond” efforts you  make on a daily basis are what contribute the most to promoting the business.

There are several ways you can contribute to shining a bright light on your company, but here are five quick tips you can do this week.

Five Ways to Increase Your Marketing Presence:

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date at all times! Long gone are the days where updating your profile means you’re looking for a new job. Keeping projects and recent accomplishments at the forefront not only credits you, but is one of the best ways to give credit to the expertise of a business as a whole.
  2. A great thank you from a quickly answered ticket can go far as a customer testimonial when you toss it over to the Marketing team.
  3. Write a blog about your particular expertise and you can greatly help lift the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your company website as well as your company’s authority on that subject.
  4. Shoot a tweet to a customer a day later to let them know it was great talking to them and you are here to help if they have any further questions.
  5. Check in every so often with your customers, issues or no issues. Maybe you have a suggestion to make their environment better or their job easier?

Finding small ways each day to adjust your “Marketing Mentality” will prove to be the best asset your business has. Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to share other Marketing tips for employees in the comments below!

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