Joe Knows Support. And Jokes.

Joe knows supportMeet Joe. The Support Video Guy. And Comedian in His Own Right (Head).

Ever since I started my video series Joe Knows Support, people have been recognizing me and saying things like “Hey, you’re that guy from the video!” or “Hey, is your name Joe?” — and those are just from the people that I work with!

But they’re right – my name is Joe Bohac, and I know support.

But let’s back it up a bit – I was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kirkwood, Missouri in the early 70’s. Know why I was born there? Because I wanted to be close to my mother! (pause for groans) Actually, the hospital doesn’t even exist anymore – guess they wanted to make sure they didn’t make the same mistake twice.

Hmmm, what else can I share about my childhood? I guess you could say I looked up to my dad for most of my life – until I got taller than him…

(Okay, lets fast forward through the part where I talk to you for 45 minutes about how I grew up playing the guitar and songwriting is my passion and then I name a bunch of bands you’ve never heard of…)

And that brings us to how I know support.

Well, it kind of comes with the territory. I’ve been the Support Manager at for just over two years and working for a SharePoint hosting company means having the expertise to provide a solution the second a customer needs it. My team and I receive all incoming support calls and tickets from our customer base. We handle either the resolution of the inquiry or bring it to the correct team for resolution (for instance, Infrastructure Team for VPN tunnel issues\questions or our SharePoint Team for complex configuration inquiries, etc.)

The long and short of it is that we study, practice and sharpen our craft to be the best in the SharePoint support business. And we do this by focusing primarily on supporting the customers in two capacities:

1. Quick Response to the Ticket Being Generated

When I joined the team in 2011, the average reaction time to a support ticket was running at close to two hours. I knew we could beat that! Cut it in half! So, that’s what we did… Then… Cut it in half again! So, we did that… Then… AGAIN! And… wait for it – AGAIN! So… that brings us to… (one sec, doing the math here… hold the two… carry the two… remove the two) Yep, we are now hovering around a six to seven minute initial response to all incoming tickets!  And, I bet by early next year, we can get it under five minutes. (And, that’s for any hour of the day or night, any day of the week,  month or year.)

2. Provide Accurate Help and Support

We strive to provide the best resolution to an inquiry possible. So, if the topic needs an expert, we enlist our senior level engineers to get the answer right. And, if we have an issue of urgency (for instance your site is offline), we go straight into a triage mode to ensure that we have all hands on deck to get your site back online. Similarly to providing a fast response, we understand the importance of an accurate response. That’s probably why our average customer review for our support averages out to 4.93 stars out of 5!

ALLITERATION ALERT: Fix it Fast the First Time.

And that brings us to the new Joe Knows Support video series starring yours truly.

From day one, has expanded our SharePoint support through blogs and video tutorials and even an entire knowledgebase that lives on our website. Our team has authored countless articles addressing the most common SharePoint and Cloud inquiries. And most recently, we started the “Joe Know Support” vlog series to not only showcase how much wider I can look in an apron, but also to give you a quick, easy visual on those same SharePoint and Cloud inquiries.

Each two to three minute video addresses a common support ticket that we receive and reveals a clear solution.

One of the best parts is that you can be involved. If you have a question for me – let me know! You can submit a question through the Joe Knows Support page and I’ll do my best to fire up the lights and cameras and get you that answer quickly! After all, it’s just another ticket served!

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