Keep Specialized, Admin Support on Retainer 24/7

A no nonsense, easy way to add SharePoint Admins to your team.

According to, the average salary for a SharePoint Administrator is $78K. That number easily and often reaches six figures. And that number doesn’t take into account the time spent training (both initial and continued education around the complicated platform.)

Hiring and training SharePoint Admins can have a major impact on the budget, and what’s worse, they’re often forced to spend their time putting out small IT fires and issues that distract them from the reason they’re getting paid the big bucks in the first place.


Outsource your admin support to We can be the guys who take care of the little stuff with Level 1 support that frees up your SharePoint Admins for the bigger stuff. Or we can handle the SharePoint projects and issues that keep you from needing a full-time SharePoint Administrator.

Our Admin Support Services are a reminder that you have options when it comes to your SharePoint. You don’t always have to go all-in with an IT Team when it makes more sense to invest in an hourly bank that lets you only pay for the work when it’s needed. Paying as you go can help make small to large businesses much more agile and help plan and budget around your next project easier.


Free Admin Support eBook from’s services break down pretty easily:

  • You purchase a bank of support hours.
  • Support is broken up into three categories: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.
  • The type of support you need determines the hourly rate taken from your bank.
  • Your hours never expire and are kept on retainer for free, indefinitely.
  • Support can be used for SharePoint, Office 365 and Sitecore.
  • Contact us anytime 24/7 for support.
  • When your bank runs out, you top it up with more support hours.


Installing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading and managing SharePoint servers is really tough job. It takes specialized, experienced individuals who have been highly trained and battle-tested. Admin Support gives you an entire team.

Permissions, Governance, UserProfile Synchronization, Content Databases, BI, SQL Server, etc. It’s a messy world and sometimes it takes an expert who has lived and breathed every version of SharePoint to ensure the project is done quickly and correctly the first time.


Cost is at the forefront. And a lot stems from cost savings. You’re saving on hiring a full-time employee. Besides their annual salary, you don’t have to provide retirement or medical benefits. You don’t have to invest in the training and certifications that your admin will need to stay competitive with the technology. You don’t have to worry about the sunken costs of an Admin that leaves for a better situation the second they’re trained by you.

Time figures into cost. That time spent searching, hiring and training is money. The fact that it could all lead to the Admin leaving means you have to start all over again. Time also extends to how long it takes your current admins to complete projects that affect the bottom line. The sooner they’re completed, the faster you can get to market or improve user adoption.


We’re not talking about going off-shore with this. We’re talking about qualified, certified SharePoint and Office 365 experts who are based out of St. Louis, Missouri and work for, a SharePoint Hosting provider that’s been in business longer than SharePoint has even been around.

A quick conversation will help explain how Admin Support can make an impact on your business. Our plans and pricing can be found on our website, and custom plans are available if needed. We’re ready to show you just how deep our expertise is. You can even receive a free SharePoint Health Check to get started and see what if any parts of your SharePoint environment need attention.

Relieve SharePoint burden with Admin Support

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