Looking back at SPTechCon Boston 2013

SPTechCon Boston 2013 Conference

SPTechCon Boston 2013 is already over and just like SPTechCon San Francisco, it came and went very fast!

Still, every moment was exciting and educational. But, an added perk for me this time around was that I already had one SPTechCon under my belt, so it was nice to upgrade my status from “newbie” – though my coworkers Peter and Chris still liked to refer to me as the “rook” which meant having to carry the box of swag or riding shotgun with the cabbie, among other things…

This would be my first time on the East coast and I’m glad we got to visit Boston. I L-O-V-E Seafood and there was no better place to experiment with the various fish and crustaceans. But, even when we ventured away from seafood for our nightly team dinners, the steakhouse didn’t disappoint either. Outside of the conference more than anything, my hunger for knowledge and sightseeing couldn’t have been in a better place. (Check out my pictures at the end of the blog!)

Where else could you walk the streets where Paul Revere made his historical ride, shoot pool at a pub right across from the final resting place of Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and several other signers of the Declaration of Independence, visit America’s first warship the USS Constitution and more. In every corner and every step of Boston, great men and women have walked leaving lasting impressions for this great country of ours. I loved it.

The bar has truly been set high for impactful leaders. So, as we ventured out to Boston, what could Fpweb.net bring to the table? The answer was written on a big sign that sat in front of Booth 901: FREE SharePoint Migrations to SharePoint 2013 (written in our best 17th century calligraphy…) Yes, it’s back and it was great spreading the word during our engaging conversations with the attendees.

Like every conference, I’m confronted and re-confronted with hot topic questions. Over this past trip, the pressing question centered around, “Do we have to put all of our infrastructure in the cloud? Can we place our extranets or just the public facing site in the cloud? How about mixing up production or our test/dev environments between our on-premises and Private Cloud with Fpweb.net?”

Yes, yes, and yes.

The hybrid cloud is growing topic of interest and it gave us a great opportunity to mention my upcoming talk with our President, Chris Schwab. Not only are you able to answer these needs with Fpweb.net, but we also have a scheduled ‘Fpwebinar’ coming up on August 27th 2013 called “When Clouds Collide: Understanding the Hybrid Cloud” which is an educational examination of Hybrid Clouds in general and concludes with a Q&A session.

At any conference, I also like to find out what part of the conference you’re enjoying. I typically ask what the attendees are finding most beneficial about SPTechCon. A lot of people were taking great interest learning more in regards to business intelligence, workflows, governance, and mobile integration classes. And when the attendees turn the conversation to “If we had an Fpweb.net Private Cloud environment, could we apply these customizations?” The answer is yes! You certainly can.

Like all great trips, they must come to an end. Boston was awesome and so were the people. We had a great trip even when Peter Cartier, our Copywriter, almost jinxed it by mentioning how great it has been as we were walking home from another great meal when suddenly a highly inebriated man with a very strong Boston accent began following us and repeatedly asking us at high volume if we wanted some cake. He waved a giant bag full of cake that he had bought before realizing his eyes were bigger than his stomach. It was pretty funny and I’m sure that cake is in a better place now…

We saw a bit more than just the nightlife, though. Check out some pictures from SPTechCon and Boston (more blog after pics…)

Fpweb SPTechCon Boston booth

SPTechCon Boston 2013

Fenway Park

Boston Tea Party Museum

The Paul Revere House

Always an excuse to be patriotic!

Always an excuse to be patriotic!

Steven Rupp at SPTechCon Boston 2013

All in all, I enjoyed the conference, the sightseeing, and the attendees most. I look forward to seeing you all again soon in the upcoming conferences. I can’t wait to partake in more SharePoint information, questions, and delicious food. I also look forward to continuing the conversation with a lot of you who were looking for new ways to implement their SharePoint environment in the private cloud or learn more about the hybrid cloud model.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for the free webinar that Chris Schwab and I will be hosting on August 27th, 2013 at 11:00am (ET). Til next time!

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