Managed SharePoint Paves the Way for Customer Success’s SharePoint Anywhere Gives Customers a Whole New Set of Options

SharePoint OptionsWe recently launched SharePoint Anywhere to the world and, frankly, we’re pretty psyched about it.

There is a great deal of excitement about us being able to provide world class support, SharePoint expertise and infrastructure excellence to on-premises SharePoint deployments. Our SharePoint Anywhere services were a response to a growing customer need and a gap in the market. Many companies are just not ready for the cloud, so we thought, what the heck – let’s take what we do best to them!

From my perspective (as someone focused on customer success), it’s a no-brainer. has some of the sharpest SharePoint minds in the biz, so why wouldn’t we want to share that with everyone? Bringing our expertise to the table lets those customers utilize their internal talent pool to drive their business and focus on their success. To patch or not to patch, ensuring successful backups, or taking time to run through regular health checks of your SharePoint – these all become things of the past for companies that have considered this a heavy SharePoint burden to carry. We’ve got that covered for you. Not to mention access to your own SharePoint Relationship Manager! (Which, I can assure you, is a pretty essential perk, if you like have a customer advocate ready to go to bat for you whenever you need them.)

But I digress…. This is all wonderful news and an exciting time for, but what does it mean for my current customers?

We’re already providing you with a private, dedicated SharePoint hosted environment, which naturally comes with world class support and infrastructure excellence.  How does SharePoint Anywhere benefit the hosted customer? Managed SharePoint Administrative Support Services.

That’s a mouthful for certain, but it means that now you can rely on for the next level of SharePoint support. We’ve always guided our customers to the right path when it comes to administration of SharePoint but now our hosted customers can also focus on business success and leave the tedious nature of administration to us. We’ll install that third party web part or manage permissions for a site/site collection, while you focus on using SharePoint to grow your business, meet your customers’ demands or create the next big thing for your company.’s Customer Success team is especially excited about offering the next level of support to our current customers. For quite some time, we have fielded regular inquiries asking for assistance above and beyond simply hosting the SharePoint farm. Now we have an administrative support service that allows us to assist our customers in being even more successful with their SharePoint environment.

If we haven’t talked to you about it yet, give us a call.  We’re happy to brag about SharePoint Anywhere, but we also want to work with you to identify areas that your business can benefit from our administrative services!

The evolution of our SharePoint hosted services to SharePoint Anywhere is thrilling, but the end goal remains the same:  Customer Success.  Without it, where would any of us be?

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  1. Joe September 8, 2014 at 10:49 pm - Reply

    Great blog Amber! Good SharePoint Admins are hard to come by. This will help a lot of companies!

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