Managed Sitecore Hosting Now Available at adds Sitecore to their SharePoint World PowerspinIn 1999, entered the SharePoint Hosting world. By ourselves. Because no one else was doing it.

Success was built off a simple concept: Clients can’t always handle the IT burden that complicated platforms produce. Most complicated environments need to be implemented by specialists. Those specialists are then needed to host and manage the infrastructure, ensuring the client has enterprise-grade security, performance and availability. And, of course, support (and not the kind of support where you sit around waiting for help for hours).

The business model was simple: Provide solid customer care, a powerful product, predictable payment plans and 24/7 rapid support that customers can depend on.

For nearly two decades cultivated a company culture that has pushed us to always be innovating and adding value to each client SharePoint environment, all while whittling our average support ticket response time down to less than six minutes.

Set Your Sites on Sitecore in the New Year

We host and manage Sitecore solutions!Now, at the end of 2014, is excited to announce another tier to our services. Managed Sitecore Hosting does more than just improve your website; it improves your business.

Sitecore is a customer experience management software that helps you optimize and personalize your messaging to customers and prospects thereby driving individual customer experiences through automated, predictive touch points.

Sitecore is a platform that offers several different channels and connectors to bring out the best in your CMS and highlight each of your business needs.’s extensive experience over the last two decades with hosting and managing large-scale, business critical CMS systems for clients in every industry makes us an ideal candidate for organizations that are looking to outsource their hosting and management needs.

And while has added three Sitecore offerings for clients who are looking to optimize their customer experience management, we’ve also seen a growing demand for enterprises that want to connect Sitecore to their SharePoint environment (though, of course, SharePoint isn’t a requirement for a Sitecore environment).

Introducing the Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module

Organizations can easily leverage their current SharePoint investment while enhancing their website with Managed Sitecore Hosting. The Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module makes two-way document integration between both systems easy and creates a well-defined relationship between the platforms. You can publish SharePoint content directly onto your Sitecore-driven website and even replicate your SharePoint content into Sitecore’s media library.

As expected, hosting or managing both systems with opens up a lot of possibilities, including creating a hybrid connection using private or public clouds.

Trust Our Implementation Partners to Get You Started helps you every step of the way with your investment, from implementation to management to support, and everything in-between.

And just like with SharePoint, has teamed up with the best Sitecore Implementation Partners out there to help deliver the best customer experience. Out of the gate, customers are able to hit the ground running with their new Sitecore-driven website.

Consultants and partners are pleased to find’s managed Sitecore solutions help marketers, developers, and integrators focus on winning business with the Sitecore platform rather than spend their time architecting, deploying, maintaining and supporting the infrastructure.

How Stands Out in the Sitecore World

If you’re familiar with’s managed SharePoint solutions then you already know a lot of what makes us a great company to work with:

  • We offer free consultations that show the best way to architect your solution
  • We rapidly deploy your solution so you can beat your competition to market
  • Our state-of-the-art datacenters offer the best in performance, security and compliance
  • Our 24/7 support has an average ticket response time of six minutes
  • We can easily scale your environment to meet your current business needs

Our mission is to always be adding value to your Sitecore solution. Trust to bring out the best in your business with our world-class managed services and propel your organization with a worry-free, complete Sitecore solution that connects you with your customers and moves your business forward.

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