Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is in the Building!

And Ready for Your Private SharePoint Cloud!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Please allow me to introduce  the new version of Microsoft SharePoint named SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2013. SharePoint Server 2013 has now been released to the public and more information regarding SharePoint 2013 Cloud Hosting can be found on our website. The RTM builds of these products have hit the online Microsoft website shelves for your downloading, tinkering, and collaborating pleasure.

SharePoint 2013Even before the general release,’s SharePoint Team has been testing and determining best practices for all hosting deployments., the premier SharePoint private cloud hosting provider, is now ready to host SharePoint 2013 in your very own private cloud environment.

Here is a glimpse of SharePoint 2013’s new Metro UI and a more tablet-friendly layout:

SharePoint 2013 Homepage

The new Microsoft is all about the apps!

SharePoint 2013 Metro UI

Create your own Picture Library with SharePoint 2013

There have been many improvements to the SharePoint Server 2013 platform which will yield immediate benefits to your organization when implemented.
Here are some of the cool new SharePoint 2013 features:

  • The design and content reuse is greatly simplified with the new Website Content Management features
  • Integrated FAST Search provides amazing enterprise search and scalability potential
  • The Enterprise Social features gets a face lift with influence from Facebook and Twitter
  • Tighter Integration between the Office 2013 Client Applications and other Microsoft Server Products
  • Big Performance Improvements with Shredded Storage – only page\document changes are saved back to SQL
  • Versioning of Sites, not just documents, which may reduce the number of Development and Staging servers you need
  • Branding of SharePoint can be done with familiar Web Design software and HTML 5
  • Overhauled workflow infrastructure and fancy new workflow designer inside SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is much more powerful with support for OData data sources and the new eventing framework (SharePoint knows when something was changed in an external system)
  • Optimized Mobile Device viewing experiences for all major smartphone and tablet platform
  • SharePoint now has a built in “App” management infrastructure which handles licensing

There are too many improvements to list here so stay tuned as we dive deeper into the great new features that comprise SharePoint 2013. We are currently building some SharePoint “How-To” videos which will cover a lot of the basic end-user interaction with SharePoint 2013.  Subscribe to our YouTube SharePoint channel as we will be releasing these soon!

SharePoint Conference 2012Are you going to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 on November 11-14th in Las Vegas? will be there! Look for Boothzilla, the two-story SharePoint private cloud fortress. (Booth #711) We will be happy to discuss how can help jump start your SharePoint 2013 implementation while slashing your budget needs. We hope to see you there!

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