Microsoft Teams – Disruption or Salvation for SharePoint?

According to a recent study by Spiceworks, Microsoft Teams Will Help Microsoft Dominate Workplace Chat Space. Businesses are ready to adopt Microsoft Teams, and within two years it will overtake Slack an Google Hangouts and when combined with market leader Skype for Business, Microsoft will account for over 50% of the enterprise chat market.

Microsoft Teams is taking many in the community by storm. People are saying this is the future of collaboration and will push SharePoint down the collaboration stack. I think this is worth debating and evaluating user interface designed based on this premise. When Microsoft Teams becomes the preferred interface for users for collaboration, SharePoint becomes a storage platform for lists and documents. Teams simplifies the other Office 365 productivity tools as that, simply tools that plug into the digital workspace of teams.

“Based on our early use of Microsoft Teams in Office 365, we believe it is the digital cockpit we’ve been waiting for,” said Andrew Wilson, CIO of Accenture. I don’t think that mantra of digital hub, digital workspace or digital cockpit has slowed down with Accenture and I believe many others have joined that bandwagon.

You can read more about the announcement of Microsoft Teams on the Office blog:

From an on premises SharePoint perspective there is yet to be seen much disruption with Intranets or hybrid use of Slack and Hybrid use of Teams simply snapping the SharePoint sites in as libraries. I think we haven’t seen the wave of disruption that will come from teams. I do expect Document Management and Records Management not to be impacted in the short term, but in the agile space, you’re going to see serious moves.

The fascinating thing is the marketing of Microsoft teams. Had they gone public with the solution as Skype for Teams, the adoption may have gone a different direction and simply tried to square up with the Slack use case, but no longer. Now I see Microsoft Teams squarely trying to play in the space where SharePoint lives. I expect to see serious adoption of Teams by SharePoint teams and of the community.

Talking with experts in the community we are seeing more overlap with SharePoint Team sites, as every new Team provisions a group which includes SharePoint with integration to the documents library. The question on many minds will be… is Microsoft Teams going to push usage of SharePoint, or will it become the preferred interface?

Looking forward to more! There is subtle confirmation of plans for external access and confirmed still on time Q1 launch. Expect more from this disruptive tech. Do you have thoughts? Reply in the comments below and we’ll link to your blog and potentially respond to your thoughts.

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