Migrating to SharePoint

Migration to SharePoint

Businesses are migrating from Lotus Notes, LiveLink, OpenText, Documentum, and Jive to SharePoint in order to modernize their collaboration platform and save money.

Nine out of 10 of the top performing Intranets are built on SharePoint.  SharePoint 2016 is the preferred collaboration tool for search, CMS, mobile, news, and secure file sharing.

Companies of all sizes are moving to SharePoint for significant cost savings.  SharePoint often costs less than the ongoing maintenance of other software like Lotus Notes, LiveLink, OpenText, Documentum or Jive.

SharePoint Migration Tools
Get the right tools for the job and do your SharePoint migration on-time and on-budget.  Fpweb.net SharePoint migration services uses a blend of the industry’s best SharePoint migration tools from Metalogix, Sharegate, and Avepoint.  With thousands of migrations under our belt since 2003, we’ve found that each tool does something a little better than the others.  Combining them all saves time and headache.  If you bought them separately your cost would exceed $25,000 for just the tools!

SharePoint Migration Plan
You need a man with a SharePoint migration plan.  SharePoint migrations and conversions are often complex and time-consuming.  Without a SharePoint migration plan backed by years of experience and thousands of successful migrations, you are wasting valuable time, money and effort.  Get it done right the first time with Fpweb.net SharePoint migration services.

SharePoint Data Migration
Here is a list of software applications commonly being migrated to SharePoint for better collaboration functionality and cost savings:

  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration
  • LiveLink to SharePoint migration
  • OpenText to SharePoint migration
  • Documentum to SharePoint migration
  • Jive to SharePoint migration
  • FileNet to SharePoint migration
  • Confluence to SharePoint migration

And the rest: Eroom, Hummingbird, Exchange public folder, Mediawiki, Quickr, Google, Box, Huddle, Egnyte, Accellion (Sharefile), WatchDox, Syncplicity, Hightail, DropBox, Slack

SharePoint Migration Checklist
We make a custom SharePoint migration checklist for you and make sure each task is completed to our best practice standards and on time.  The list is documented in your Fpweb.net SharePoint migration services State of Work (SOW) so there is no guessing on what will be done, by who, and by when.

SharePoint Migration Services
SharePoint migrations are not easy and probably not your core business.  They are time consuming and demand the right tools, people, processes, and experience.  Get just one of those wrong and your SharePoint migration project will fail.  Go with the pros at Fpweb.net, rest easy, and be the hero!  You’re in good company with thousands of SharePoint migrations and 1.8 billion SharePoint logins managed each and every day since 1999.

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