MSFT Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Site

Our brilliant team of SharePoint Pioneers here at have done it again.

The New Microsoft Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Site Our engineers collaborated with Lawrence Associates LLC to host & custom-build the new Microsoft Education Partner Network SharePoint 2010 Web site.

This is the first public SharePoint 2010 site in the world to utilize claims-based SharePoint authentication using Live ID. Yep, you heard right… no passwords to manage or user accounts to create. By using Live ID, the team at Microsoft had instant access to millions of Live ID user profiles that were already created by folks all over the globe.

Wait, it gets better! With Live ID as a central point of authentication, the Microsoft Education Partner Network folks easily acquire website performance metrics for Live ID users. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The Education Partner Network is your go-to place for all Microsoft education programs, technology training, forums, blogs and the latest news. So what are you waiting for? Sign in with your Windows Live ID now!

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the process, check out Andy Milsark’s blog about using claims authentication in SharePoint 2010 via Live ID. We have some true SharePoint geniuses roaming around here!

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