My Sales Machine is Broken: The Current State of Sales

Think, Don’t Sell

When the customer knows more than your sales guy, your company is in trouble. And we are all in trouble. Struggling to make numbers? Young reps testing well but not producing?

Well, my friend it’s a scary new sales world and the old ways just aren’t cutting it. Time to evolve and reinvent the sales model or die on the vineNobody wants to be a raisin…

Salesperson vs. Advisor

According to HubSpot 2013 data, once the customer reaches out to you, they are 60% down the sales funnel. They already know what they need. But they do have specific questions and they do need to establish trust with you. Are you real? Will you be there for them when things go wrong? They know when they are “being sold.” Listen and talk to them like a friend. A true friend. And don’t be afraid to say “no.” Nothing establishes trust faster than standing your ground and truly doing what’s best for the client.

Broken Sales Way

  • Qualification – Customer expresses need
  • Stakeholder – Identify stakeholder (only one) with spend authority
  • Conversation – Demonstrate value relative to competitors

New Sales Way

  • Qualification – Customer is uncertain
  • Stakeholder – Identify stakeholder open to change who influences decision makers (there’s never just one)
  • ConversationDisrupt customer thinking (requires serious melon use) and business assumptions

You are not fighting your competitor’s ability to sell in your current deal. You are fighting your customer’s ability to learn.

Think vs. Sell

Assume your customer knows more than you do and you are teed up to take a swing at their business. Want to win the business from them?  Tell the customer something about their business they don’t know. And yes, this will involve some real research and creativity from you and your team.  Solve a business problem that uses your product or service that the customer hasn’t thought of…  Now you aren’t selling, you are helping. Well on your way to becoming a trusted advisor. But you must continue to think and serve your customer well. So, how important is getting to know your customer’s business? Very. So stop selling and start using your noodle.

New Salesperson Job Post

Can you look at things differently and use your noodle? Not afraid to ask hard questions? Willing to say “no” when that is what’s best for the customer? Can you analyze and solve real world business problems? Doesn’t sound like a sales job does it? Well, the world has changed and our customers need help to grow their business. They need us to think, innovate and provide real value.

Do you shy away from accountability?  No need to apply. We need energetic folks who want to be challenged to grow a business month over month. We don’t have micromanagers, and we don’t want process monkeys, but we’ll give you all the support you need to succeed if you can think well and always do what’s best for the customer. If that sounds like a good fit, give us a look.

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