New eBook: The Current State of Cloud Security

Examining the evolving state of cloud-based applications and data security

Our cloud security eBook “The Current State of Cloud Security combs through the current cloud climate and outlines why your business needs to seriously consider your stance on data security. Check out this teaser trailer to see what you can expect from our latest eBook:

In their spring 2014 edition of “The Cloud Security Report“, Alert Logic warned us that attacks are happening more frequently and are becoming more advanced.

And to throw more fuel on the fire – your data is vulnerable no matter where it is – especially on-premises.

So what now? Well, no matter where your data lives, you should be concerned about the level of protection surrounding it.

The problem: Businesses are taking legacy security approaches with them to the cloud. These inherited measures are not a sufficient safeguard and leave your organization open to attack. Essentially, it’s not a cloud problem – it’s a people problem.

Businesses continue to adopt the cloud in record numbers and Gartner expects IT spending to be centered more around the cloud than on-premises in 2016. And while organizations are migrating to the cloud to embrace a more agile, scalable solution that reduces costs and increases efficiency, there are still plenty of businesses that put a hard stop on the cloud move due to security concerns.

So where exactly is the cloud world at in regards to security and data protection?

The short answer: Things are good. Great really depending on what type of environment you are spinning up. Dedicated, private cloud environments can feature the same encryption measures that on-premises infrastructures employ and can even keep hosting providers from seeing the data.

Basically, more and more organizations are realizing how robust cloud provider’s data center security can be and how much more cost effective it is to rely on their state-of-the-art safeguards and protective measures.’s free eBook “The Current State of Cloud Security” lays out all the misconceptions and facts surrounding cloud-based security. It lists three types of security that are needed to protect your infrastructure. It explains why your business could be better off in the cloud and why it’s critical to know the difference between public and private cloud security. Above all, this eBook stresses the importance of developing your own risk assessment for your business and to beware scanty and ambiguous contractual language when establishing your relationship with your cloud service provider.

We’ve gathered the research for you and compiled it into an easy-to-read format that lets you review the reports, identify your organization’s needs and seek answers by asking the right questions.

Be sure to download our free eBook to discover the best ways to protect your biggest investment.

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