NEW SERVICE: Managed SharePoint On-Premises SharePoint is going beyond SharePoint hosting with their new SharePoint Anywhere services!

Ever have prospects ask if your business offers a particular service and you say ‘no’ so many times that eventually you think – why don’t we have that service? Well, knows what that’s like. And now we’re fixing it.

As a private cloud hosting provider that specializes in SharePoint, we’ve been sharpening our business for years to be the ultimate resource for businesses to remove the SharePoint headache from their own IT teams, get them to market faster and let them refocus on their core competencies. So, what were we missing?

Another piece of the SharePoint puzzle

Well, we’ve spent the last 16 years developing several state-of-the-art data centers that feature enterprise security, compliances
and hardware, and we’ve been cultivating SharePoint specialists that can plan, build, deploy and support any version of SharePoint.

And while we’ve enjoyed being the specialists for hosting your SharePoint environment in our private, dedicated cloud – we were leaving out a pretty big group that could benefit from our managed services as well.

Managing SharePoint Wherever It May Live

sharepoint data locationSo that’s why we have started offering managed SharePoint anywhere. In our cloud. In your house. In a hybrid environment. Wherever. No matter where you are in the cloud conversation, is ready to help smooth your transition to the cloud or add the expertise you need in-house. We call it SharePoint Anywhere with Anytime Support.

We understand better than most that some CIOs aren’t ready to move to the Cloud yet, (or in a lot of cases just aren’t ready to go all in yet and want to send only a few pieces of their business into the cloud).

Going back to the beginning of this post: Every conference we go to, we always have a conversation around how a customer or a potential customer struggles with finding, affording and keeping good SharePoint administrators and developers. They would like us to not only manage their hosted infrastructure, but also handle the daily hassles of their on-premises environment. Pretty soon the response “this is not a service we offer” wasn’t good enough, even for us.

Doing our homework for the new offering:

As with any big project that can bring value to our customers – a team was created. Immediately we set about putting together what our SharePoint on-premises managed services would look like. We consulted with businesses that do it. We consulted with customers that wanted it. We talked to Gartner about what the industry needs. We consulted with our own support teams to lay out what it would involve and how we could make the user experience flawless.

And after a long period of extensive research and development process, we’re thrilled to now offer the SharePoint world the side-by-side support their on-premises SharePoint environments need to function properly, as well as hybrid services and long term cloud migration plans our customers and alike have been asking for.

Will Managed SharePoint On-Premises work for you?

How much is SharePoint Administration costing you? How many administrators does it take to keep your SharePoint running smoothly and your upgrades up to date? With Managed SharePoint On-Premises from, you’re backed by a team of certified SharePoint professionals who’ve seen it all and handled over 1,500 custom environments in every version of the platform. Managed SharePointAs always, our goal is to add value to your SharePoint environment. When you let us handle your SharePoint environment, you’re free to focus on your core business. And now, businesses can rest easy knowing that their SharePoint can be properly maintained and supported from anywhere they want their data to live.

So sit back and relax while we handle the backups, patching, monitoring, site design and functionality, upgrades, and so much more. Besides the fact that working with a hosting provider will make the eventual, unavoidable move to the cloud relatively seamless, we want to give you immediate relief from all things SharePoint so you can bring your team back to innovating rather than just maintaining.

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