One Cloud to Rule Them All? Another Look at Disaster Recovery and Cloud

Don't put all your eggs in one basket imageA couple of weeks ago the Amazon Cloud suffered a massive outage that affected popular online services like Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb, Reddit and IMDb offline.  For more than five hours users went crazy saying things like 1/3 of the internet is down.

This outage should be a wake up call to those looking to move all their production systems into one cloud and leaving nothing behind.  Whether you’ve been looking at moving everything to Azure, or AWS, or even Google, the risk with picking any one provider is your eggs are all in one basket. While it may be great to get one bill every month, there’s really no reason you couldn’t be smarter about distribution.

One thing we hear at Fpweb is the question of deciding to hold onto key systems that businesses want to be closer to.  Whether it’s another look at disaster recovery, flexibility, concern over big brother, or simply not wanting any one big cloud provider to hold all the keys, there are reasons why you should use this outage to think about things like failover, disaster recovery, business continuance, outside of the single cloud you’ve selected.

What happens when the provider you’ve built all your DR into fails?  Just a thought.

Think beyond the one cloud.  What do you do when your elastic isn’t elastic?

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