Outsource to the Cloud: Your competition already has

Get to Market Faster; Do More With Less

Every business has been presented with the idea that “The cloud is the answer”.

Some businesses raise an eyebrow and start asking questions, but there are still others who begin twitching at the mention of the word and shake their head vehemently – the cloud is not for them! But, why not?

Is your business immune to improvement? Is there no aspect of your business that couldn’t use an enhancement found within the cloud? This isn’t professional sports and giving your organization a boost with the performance-enhancing agility of the cloud doesn’t get you in trouble – it just gives you a leg up on the competition!

So why can’t the Cloud work for you?

We’re not strangers to technology. We know how this works: Some new innovation is introduced. The majority of users stay in the shadows, while a select few give it a crack. Concerns are addressed. The technology stays. People join. Life is easier for it.

Now, I get that we’re not talking about switching from an old flip phone to the latest gadget available – we’re talking about taking your critical business data from out of the comfort of your home and placing it into the ambiguous ‘cloud’. Except it’s not ambiguous – the cloud just means it’s going to a data center that is run by a trusted hosting provider who has access to all the bells and whistles your business needs to start stamping around within your industry.

And when you start doing your research on different hosting providers, you’ll discover that, in matters of security, reliability, performance, etc., they offer more than most businesses could ever afford to implement on their own. Which is why recent studies have shown that security is now one of the biggest drivers to the cloud.

My point is this: There is ample evidence of the increased agility, rapid scalability and deep cost savings found in the cloud for your business to stop considering it an ‘idea’ and start investigating its potential for your business.

Three major studies have been released in the last year that put a definitive stamp on the rising IT trend to outsource to the cloud. Savvis’s IT Global Trends September 2013 report, North Bridge’s Future of Cloud Computing 2013 Survey, and Gartner’s Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud is Next study help shape the argument by asking hundreds of IT professionals and C-levels their opinions and their plans regarding the cloud.

Can you mash it all together into an eBook for me?

Yes. Our latest eBook The Cloud or Bust: Why your competition’s IT is leaving the nest for more agility in the cloud blends these studies to show how on-premises-only infrastructures are handicapping the businesses that they are implemented into. The verified statistics found within the eBook address the popularity of the cloud and why IT teams from all over the world are moving their business, or some of it, to the cloud.

And with a rise in hybrid cloud deployments that utilize on-premises and cloud resources, companies can make the move in a comfortable manner, at least getting their feet wet with the capabilities of the cloud without risking exposing any sensitive data.

“The IT decision makers and C-levels that are tasked with moving their companies forward are discovering that the cloud is not an all-or-nothing solution,” said Fpweb.net President, Chris Schwab. “The agility, scalability, cost savings and everything else you hear about the cloud are now being proven with the case studies of organizations that adopted early. Businesses are discovering that they need to embrace this trend now because their competition has and it’s only a matter of time until they are left in the dust.”

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