Partner Post: Accusoft’s Better Way to View in SharePoint

Contributed by Ned Averill-Snell, Accusoft Content Specialist’s dedicated SharePoint solutions just gained a great new document viewing and collaboration enhancement through its partnership with the team here at Accusoft.

As a new Accusoft Channel Partner, will offer its customers Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint, our browser-based HTML5 document viewer for SharePoint 2013.

What this Partnership brings to the table:

We’re excited to be working with a great hosting provider like, and here’s why we think’s customers are going to be excited to have our viewer: With no software required on end-user devices other than an HTML5 browser (even on mobile devices), Prizm Content Connect can display hundreds of different file types straight from SharePoint 2013 lists, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files, CAD drawings and many other formats.

The viewer features browser-based collaboration tools, including annotation and redaction, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls. Viewing, annotating, redacting and DRM protection of current and previous versions of documents is enabled through support for SharePoint’s document versioning features.

Users can publish redacted documents to the SharePoint Document Library and then route them through a workflow based on assigned metadata values, or convert and publish any supported file type as a PDF.

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Besides boosting customers’ convenience and productivity, Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint also improves document security by showing users documents without sharing the actual document files. The user views a high-fidelity, non-editable facsimile in the browser instead of opening the true source file in the file type’s native application. This approach not only stops unauthorized file changes, but also curbs the spread of viruses because an infected source file never reaches the user’s device.

Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint also grants your SharePoint administrator access to new end user permissions and global settings within SharePoint including Digital Rights Management and annotations permissions. Global settings control the relationship between SharePoint and the behind-the-scenes components that carry out document viewing.

Document Library Viewing

Using simple checkboxes, the administrator can show or hide the button that would enable the user to download the editable version of the document. Similarly, the administrator can show or hide Print and clipboard Copy functions. Preventing text copying and printing adds a layer of protection not supplied by the use of “Read Only” versions in SharePoint.

Annotations, redactions and advanced search tools with hit highlighting all appear within the viewer window. As with all other functions, the SharePoint administrator has simple checkbox control over whether users can see or make annotations or redactions associated with a document. Redacted documents in any file format can be saved as PDFs with the redactions “burned in.”

A little more about Accusoft:

Accusoft is a 23-year-old, privately held independent software company based in Tampa, with offices in the Atlanta and Boston areas. A longtime industry leader in software development kits (SDKs) for adding advanced image compression, barcode functions, forms recognition and other imaging capabilities to applications, Accusoft is fast becoming a leader in HTML5 document viewing technology with multi-format, multi-device, high-performance document viewers for SharePoint, enterprise servers, and even subscription-based viewers in the Cloud.

You can learn more at To learn more about the new viewer for, check out the videos.


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