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(The following is part of the new Partner Spotlight series:)

Hoozin for SharePointWhat is Hoozin:

Well, our website says ‘Hoozin is an out-of-the-box Application Platform compatible with SharePoint. Use Hoozin Applications to shorten your application development and deployment time, boost productivity and socialize your applications. Available on-premises or in the Cloud’.

To explain in more detail, Hoozin is a Social Business Solution that uses SharePoint authentication, Database and the Search engine. We don’t use the rest of SharePoint, but rather just focus on addressing SharePoint frustration (as in getting it used for more than just Sharing docs…) and shortening deployment time by months. Hoozin is out-of-the-box, ready for Business usage, and leverages SharePoint efforts while shifting the focus on user adoption, not IT implementation. That sums up the comparison with SharePoint. Oh, and one more thing: our out-of-the-box design brings exceptional value to your deployment.

What Hoozin Does for Customers:

It seems that the whole world loves Cloud and adores SharePoint.

For sure, here at Hoozin we love both. But still, there is something going on there. Customers still don’t seem to be flocking to the Cloud and midsize to large corporations show more concern than excitement. But why?

We can quickly go into the tangible stuff – about how safe Cloud is, how much cheaper it is, how you stay in control, etc., but often the rational pitches seem to stand in front of the tepid uncertainty of the buyer or IT manager. At Hoozin, we address this emotion by creating an environment where customers can be happy and comfortable with their Platform approach. We also want them to be able to change from on-premises to Cloud (or vice versa) when they feel right. This is why we provide Cloud and on-premises with precisely the same functionalities, making it easy to move between them.

And the hybrid model is certainly on the menu. We don’t want to offer a set of tools in the Cloud that differ a lot from on-premises tools so you’re not just going Cloud for the ‘sake of Cloud’.  We feel the ‘big ones’ are pushing too hard to move customers to the Cloud without really listening to their needs. As with any major business decision, make sure you have a business case for the cloud.

Using’s Private, Dedicated Cloud:

“We partner with Hoozin for their innovative approach to Social Business and their pragmatic increase of value for our SharePoint customers,” said Jill Kunkel,’s Channel Program Manager.

Hoozin works closely with companies like to offer Private Cloud solutions, where the customer can find the emotional benefits of on-premises along with the rational benefits of cost reduction and security. So do you want Cloud or on-premises? With Hoozin you can go either way, and, with, you can build the right strategy to go off-premises. That’s right – off-premises does not by default mean full Cloud. But it does mean full control!

How is Hoozin different from Yammer?

Well, we look at Yammer as a glue to connect all the different silo’s Microsoft has created over the years. Hoozin, on the other hand, is a real Social Business tool that allows integration across many different Platforms and allows you to use Apps in the context of Social Business. We want to socialize people; we want to socialize Applications.  Whether you are on premise or in the cloud.

Still have concerns?

If your reflex is to just say SharePoint is great, then you may have been inadvertently “Microsoft Marketingized”. Too much MS Marketing can lead you to believe that SharePoint is ready for business usage and that Yammer will be adopted ‘by the whole world’. Not to worry though, Hoozin brings a little more perspective to that conversation.

And while Hoozin is small and may not have the Marketing power of Microsoft, we have a solid business proposition that lets customers thrive with their Collaboration Strategy and allows Partners to add their value on top of Hoozin.  Give us a test drive.

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