Partner Post: Hightail Lets You Do More with SharePoint

Looking for a new way to bring out the best in your SharePoint?

HightailAdd the power of Hightail to the widely used collaboration software and overcome the well-known problem of external sharing.

Hightail is thrilled to announce its partnership with, a dedicated hosting and managed SharePoint services provider, to enable external collaboration capabilities for SharePoint users via the Hightail for SharePoint connector. Companies using’s market leading hosted SharePoint services can now deploy Hightail for an easy, seamless way to securely send, control and track files both internally and to external parties.

Why Add Hightail to Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the major content management and collaboration platforms for internal workgroups across companies of all industries and sizes. A recent study estimates that Microsoft adds around 20,000 SharePoint users every day and 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the platform.

However, SharePoint is not designed for sharing beyond the corporate firewall. In order to send content to external business partners, SharePoint users must turn to difficult, unsecure or time-consuming workarounds.

The Simple, Secure Solution

Hightail for SharePoint solves the problem of sharing documents with external parties by enabling users to securely send project files of any kind and size directly from the SharePoint Documents Library.

Because the process involves a simple right-click, users don’t have to leave SharePoint to access an alternative sharing method, saving time and increasing productivity.

Hightail for SharePoint uses encryption technology, control features and file tracking to ensure the security of your valuable business information. Your SharePoint users don’t have to resort to unsecured consumer tools, while your business doesn’t need to build an expensive custom solution.

Hightail for SharePoint

Make the Most of SharePoint

The Hightail for SharePoint connector enables easy, quick and secure sharing of files with external parties. When deployed as an extension to Microsoft SharePoint, users can easily and securely share a file from the SharePoint Document Library with internal and external recipients, regardless of their domain. When the recipient receives the shared file, the SharePoint user can track analytics such as file downloads through the same connector. At the same time, the IT administrator can deploy the Hightail for SharePoint connector at scale and with security oriented controls.

How Hightail for SharePoint works:

Everything in one placeDo everything in one place

SharePoint is an internal collaboration tool so sending documents to external clients or partners involves a workaround. Adding Hightail lets you securely send files to anyone right from SharePoint.

Secure DocumentsAlways send securely

Hightail secures shared files with features like password protection and recipient identity verification, while file tracking shows who has accessed your documents and when.

Make Most of SharePointMake the most what you have

Hightail isn’t a rip-and-replace solution. It helps you share work with anyone without interrupting your well-honed work-f low, while helping your company make the most of an existing SharePoint investment.

Rock Solid EncryptionRock solid encryption

Hightail ’s enterprise-grade encryption technology protects all data in transit using 128-bit SSL encryption, with 256-bit A ES encryption for all data at rest.

If you have made a significant investment in Microsoft, Hightail for SharePoint will help your business be more productive. Contact Hightail or today to learn how you can be getting more from your SharePoint deployment.

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