Partner Post: Mobile SharePoint with Mobile Entrée’s SharePoint Anywhere is Now on Any Device with Mobile Entrée

Mobile Entrée is proud to be a part of the SharePoint Solutions Showcase. understands the value mobile SharePoint can provide, and Mobile Entrée is the most advanced platform for mobility on SharePoint. It provides knowledge workers access to all of the essential information they need while working away from their desks and it’s installed directly onto your SharePoint server. And that’s where comes in…

Mobile Entree Experience

See the difference with Mobile Entrée is managing your SharePoint servers and giving you total server control, but you want to be able to access your SharePoint from anywhere. The problem is that, by itself, SharePoint’s mobile experience is not very user friendly. So even though your servers are running reliably with, you don’t have easy access to all of your valuable SharePoint content when you’re not at your desk. Mobile Entrée will provide a much richer experience on any major smartphone, and it can be completely customized to fit your mobile needs.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

As soon as you activate Mobile Entrée on your SharePoint server, it provides a much richer experience than SharePoint’s mobile UI. Mobile Entrée gives you access to your SharePoint collaboration apps including discussions, search, and surveys, none of which are supported by SharePoint mobile.

One big difference is the calendar view for SharePoint without Mobile Entrée vs. with Mobile Entrée. With Mobile Entrée enabled, you get a full calendar for the month and any day with an event will be highlighted. Without Mobile Entrée, you get a list of events with small text, and it isn’t very user friendly. When trying to add or edit an event without Mobile Entrée, you get a form very similar to the desktop version, which leads to a lot of pinching to zoom in and requires small fingers to actually select a time or date.  Mobile Entrée leverages your devices controls so that adding an event is just as easy as setting an alarm.

Branding and Customization

Customization is where Mobile Entrée shows its true value. Mobile Entrée will deliver your SharePoint site to your mobile device in a user friendly way, but you can also provide the specific content you want from your site on your phone.

You can set up a custom home screen view for your new mobile interface with only the content you need on your phone. Add  some custom CSS and images and now your  site is branded with your company’s logo and colors.

Most likely, you won’t always need all of your SharePoint content on your phone. Mobile Entrée allows for the creation of custom mobile views, so when you open a list item on your phone, you’re only shown the information that is relevant to you. This helps you maximize your time when working from a mobile device.

Custom Development

One of the best things about SharePoint is its ability to develop your own line-of-business applications in SharePoint. We believe that this should also be the case when talking about mobile. We’re able to turn SharePoint developers into mobile developers with our APIs and Visual Studio tools. This lets you extend your current SharePoint apps to mobile devices, or you can create custom applications specifically designed for mobile use. has a great directory of solutions and partners with the SharePoint Solution Showcase that help you customize your SharePoint sites. Mobile Entrée leverages their existing expertise in SharePoint and helps perfect your mobile SharePoint experience. does a great job managing your SharePoint servers, so why would you want to limit your SharePoint access to your desk? For more information about Mobile Entrée, please visit or email [email protected].

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