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CLM Matrix logoToday, more than ever, companies are asking “How can we leverage our existing technology investments to solve strategic business problems?” With this in mind, has partnered with CLM Matrix to bring the leading SharePoint contract life cycle management application to our customers.

The Matrix Enterprise and Fast Track applications provide a fully no-code wizard configurable approach that allows companies to standardize, streamline and automate their contract/document processes, end-to-end. What makes CLM Matrix contract management technology unique is that the applications include native rule-based workflow, powerful clause-based document assembly with a robust rule engine all as part of a SharePoint application.

All functionality has been designed to be rapidly (re)configured without code development to each company’s unique requirements using a comprehensive host of configuration wizards. The result is an intuitive UI/UX with high user adoption and little, if any, training needed. customer’s contract management needs are varied. Some are looking to fulfill compliance requirements through process standardization and enforcement of business rules and policies. Others are trying to achieve efficiency gains by streamlining automation with technology. While other customers simply want to monitor and manage their portfolio of contract terms, conditions, rights and obligations. No matter the need, CLM Matrix has a solution and price point that can handle requirements from simple to complex. CLM Matrix offers two contract management products designed for distinct needs of customers.

Matrix Fast Track is designed for companies who currently need to manage their existing portfolio of contracts. Their current needs are a Level 1 or 2 on the CLM Maturity Curve where they primarily want to be able to enter contract data into a CLM system, manage their contractual rights and obligations, perform adhoc reporting and set up automated alerts, notifications and reminders.

Matrix Enterprise is designed for companies who need the Fast Track requirements, but they also need powerful dynamic document assembly capabilities. Their CLM needs are more advanced and may require more automation and integration with legacy CRM, ERP or BI applications.

For both use case scenarios, companies are looking to move away from undefined or adhoc business processes that rely heavily on file cabinets, email and Excel. For contract management, companies have discovered over and over that building custom workflows in SharePoint or trying to get InfoPath to create complex contracts rarely delivers acceptable results. They are looking for a SharePoint CLM application designed specifically for contract management that can deliver rapid results for a quick ROI today but also grows with a company’s evolving requirements over time.

Microsoft is now reinforcing this vision by re-positioning SharePoint as a technology platform on which solution providers can build unique apps. Using CLM Matrix applications for contract management can help any company organize, discover, monitor and manage their contracts and contract entitlements and obligations. The result will be reduced costs and risk, efficiency gains, process transparency, business agility all with 100% compliance to business rules and policies.

CLM Matrix offers many licensing models that include delivery in the Cloud or on-premises. Its internal implementation team can provide rapid deployments leveraging CLM Process Best Practices from its worldwide implementation experience in over 21 industry verticals that include successful buy-side, sell-side, public and private sector implementations. is proud to offer CLM Matrix turn-key SharePoint contract management applications to its customers.

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