Partner Post: SharePoint Workflow Help is Here

NintexWhen workflow automation and user self-service enter the picture, everything changes.

With this in mind, has partnered with Nintex to bring the leading SharePoint workflow platform to you. Nintex’s workflow and forms offerings are now available in our SharePoint Solutions Showcase.

Workflow Changes Everything

With workflow, standard processes can be executed much more quickly and smoothly. Organizations have better control over personal and sensitive data—no more faxing handwritten forms. It’s also easier to connect workflows to content and documents hosted on other platforms such as Office 365, Google Drive, and Amazon.

From a data perspective, there are fewer errors with the elimination of manual entry and paper handling. And most companies experience significant cost reductions due to expedited processes and lowered demand for resources.

By ensuring that all stakeholders have access to consistent, up-to-date information, collaboration is improved. Many organizations report a reduction in (or even total elimination of) unnecessary administrative work. And one of the biggest bottom-line perks of workflow is that staff hours are freed up to enable the pursuit of long-term strategic projects that will fuel the bottom line.

Workflow in the Real World

Nintex commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a multi-company study to evaluate the Total Economic Impact of the Nintex workflow platform. As part of the study, Forrester interviewed several Nintex customers and created a composite of their savings. We’ve made the study available to the community so be sure to check it out.

Nintex and

It’s a goal at to ensure our customers know about the ways to extend the value of their  investment in SharePoint, and we are excited to partner with Nintex to address workflow and forms automation.  In addition to the exciting study, take a look at the SharePoint Solution Showcase for more information.

And if you’re interested in partnering with to showcase your own great solution, reach out to Jill Kunkel at [email protected] and let’s work an opportunity together. Watch this video for more information!

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