Partner Post: The Road to Awesome SharePoint Adoption

If Content is King, then Context is Queen…

A day in the life of a SharePoint site Administrator: 

  • Pick out favorite t-shirt.
  • Stop for coffee (or Mountain Dew)
  • First call – Forgot my password
  • Second call – How do I change the site logo?
  • Third call – I’m sorry I just can’t remember how to upload a document.
  • Fourth call – How do I make a list again?
  • Fifth call – I can’t remember how to….
  • Sixth call – How do I…
  • Seventh, eighth, ninth – How do I…
  • Lunch (or Mountain Dew)
  • Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

What if there was another way? 

What if there was a tool that was just there – ready and waiting to answer all of those support questions with a self-service, in-context, at-your-fingertips solution?  Oh, and it’s free. Sound good?

SharePoint has been around now for more than 15 years – you probably work with it every day. It was the fastest growing server product in history, widely deployed across both small and medium-sized businesses including much of the enterprise world. has supported many of these businesses over the years with their dedicated hosting options for all types of users. No matter where an organization’s SharePoint deployment lives, all businesses want to ensure they get the most from their investment.

The issue that SharePoint Administrators deal with daily is success. “Are we seeing return on investment?”; “are we more productive as a business?”; “is this just another shelf ware product?” etc.  Even though SharePoint and Office 365 continue to be the defacto corporate portal and enterprise content management leader, the same lack of training and understanding continues to plague your deployments. There’s always been a help button since the first versions of SharePoint were released, but how well do they really empower users?

Sure, training content is fantastic – all different types of training can be effective, but if a user can’t go back and easily access that training or content, they easily forget all of those great training materials if they don’t put it into practice immediately. Most of the time, what we need is a quick reminder or nudge to send us on our way.

Users and businesses need a better way, something forward thinking that embraces the fast-paced, sound-bite world we live in. To “use Bing to ‘Google’ something,” to quote SharePoint MVP Eric Riz, isn’t fast enough anymore. One can spend hours on search engines trying to find the most up-to-date help content or answer to “How do I…?”  So, how does one know what is relevant, current, endorsed, or written by an industry expert?

Technology should be simple, easy, and make your life less complicated, not more. By understanding the “human factor” along with following a clear SharePoint adoption checklist and building out clear plans for communication, training and support will start a new Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 implementation on the right path or clean up an existing one that is a mess.

Successful SharePoint Adoption Checklist:

  • Executive Buy-In
  • Create a Pilot and Feedback Team
  • Use the Pilot and Feedback to Identify Use Cases
  • Identify Your Champions
  • Create Your Pre-Launch Plans
  • Create a Communication Plan
  • Create a Training & Support Plan
  • Gamify, Reward, Measure

Now that you’ve got your ducks in a row and you’re getting ready to onboard business users, what’s the best way to address training and support?

Who’s here to help? A Panda!

Content Panda LogoThe Solution to Lowering Support Calls & Slow User Adoption: In-Context Help & Training Content

Content Panda provides an in-context help & training content system that lights up the existing user experience, providing quick and easy answers right when users need it.

Instead of users leaving the software to hunt and peck for “How do I?” online via search engines, they find hand-picked content directly inside SharePoint. By lighting up targets and giving an end user the information they need at their fingertips, users get exactly what they need with just a tap or click.

The help content that comes out-of-the-box in Office 365/SharePoint is good, however Content Panda’s mapping of helpful content directly into the elements elevates the experience so that end users feel empowered and can self-serve for most basic support questions and issues.

Content Panda is a free app available to all Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 users. To add your own training content or knowledge base, Content Panda offers a premium or “awesome” version of the product. and Content Panda are partnering up to bring content via its free version directly to all of its customers. Imagine all of the help content and how-to videos that has created, linked automatically to the targets inside SharePoint for your end users to access in a self-service way at their fingertips.

Benefits of Content Panda’s In-Context Help & Training Content App:

Reliable Curated Content:  Help is provided by trusted sources, like SharePoint experts (MVPs, MCTs, Authors) and Combined Knowledge (the world’s largest provider of training for Office 365 & SharePoint).

In-Context Delivery by Target:  Help content is connected at the target-level, not in the ribbon. This gives users the content they need connected directly to the element of the page where they have a question.

Pre-Determined Search Keywords:  Do users know what to search for? Content Panda does! You now have your own personal search engine inside of Office 365 connected directly to Microsoft Bing. We have hand-curated the most optimal keyword search terms so you never have to leave the software to search on your own. 

Learning Styles:  Content is delivered via text, audio, video, and images, addressing all learning styles. Content Panda embeds the most relevant videos for you to play along as you solve problems or get that little reminder of how to complete a task. Users no longer spend hours on YouTube searching for the “right” video.

Content Panda look and feel

Lowering support costs, empowering your end users, and driving adoption is easily done when you put all the pieces together AND you give people that extra something that is always there for them.

No more feeling silly asking a question or simply avoiding the software altogether because they’re frustrated.  Enterprise-wide adoption can be achieved, but like any good relationship or project, it does take some work and nurturing. SharePoint Administrators by nature are already rock stars. Content Panda will help you maximize your organization’s investment and use the platforms you’ve already invested in smartly and effectively.

Together, Content Panda for SharePoint and can help you alleviate pain for your users and keep your laundry list of questions to a minimum.’s myriad of choices for hosting in conjunction with the free version of Content Panda automatically available to you is a winning combination for organizational SharePoint adoption.

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