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With the upcoming launch of Microsoft’s new version of BPOS – (known as Office 365), our team at is being bombarded with questions about where we’re headed in 2011. The answer is: We are all about FLEXible SharePoint hosting – and customizing a private SharePoint cloud for you.

This is not ‘cloud computing’ like Amazon where you pay per hour, compute cycle, or kb. is not, and will likely never see demands for public SharePoint cloud services – private clouds are the name of our game. We also differ from Microsoft’s SharePoint cloud in that we allow full server control and customization.

FLEXible SharePoint hosting

Flexible SharePoint Hosting from Fpweb.netIn 2011, IS FLEXible SharePoint.

  • FLEXible SharePoint means total server control in your private SharePoint cloud.
  • FLEXible SharePoint means custom code & 3rd party web parts.
  • FLEXible SharePoint means custom workflows & secure AD integration.
  • With FLEXible SharePoint, you can use your licensing or ours. You can quickly scale capacity and pick up the pace of your pending integration(s).

To sum it all up, FLEXible SharePoint is a private SharePoint cloud of infinite possibility. All this, found in your private SharePoint cloud created and managed by the original SharePoint hosting experts at

Public Clouds vs. Private SharePoint Cloud Services

The ‘cloud’ is great – but 99% of the time, when you hear someone say that buzzword of all I.T. buzzwords, they are referring to the public cloud. The public cloud, however, only has half of what businesses with SharePoint need.

The folks we are talking to on a daily basis are asking for their own secure SharePoint environment while gaining all the efficiencies of the technologies that have become known as ‘the cloud’. They want a private SharePoint cloud that they can securely connect back to their internal/corporate cloud – and even other public clouds such as Amazon, Office365 (yes, we play nicely together), Google (yes Microsoft, we said the G word), or even Microsoft Azure.

Because our SharePoint cloud services are built around the concept of flexibility, our clients are finding it surprisingly easy to connect their private hosted SharePoint cloud with other public and private clouds using our secure AD integration services (VPN), ADFS 2, Windows Live ID Claims Authentication and the forthcoming Azure AppFabric.

How clients are using their hosted SharePoint cloud

Here are the hottest ways that smart companies are using a private SharePoint cloud hosted by to cut costs, ease their IT group’s burden and continue to focus on products or services which differentiate and defend or win market share.

Otherwise known as Internet-facing sites built on SharePoint Server 2010. You can now build beautiful public anonymous-access sites like – and more importantly, gain business insights that the www SharePoint site provides you to continue improving it. The business insight data can be pulled out securely and analyzed using SQL reporting services (SRS) or fancy 3rd party reporting tools like WebTrends for SharePoint. Reporting tools like this give business owners like me the important information I need to make small but important changes that make a big impact.

Empowering your partners
Building SharePoint Server 2010 extranets makes it easier for partners to do business with you… (this is a good thing). SharePoint extranets give your extended sales force better tools to sell your products or services – they really are a no-brainer. Currently we are seeing a ton of movement from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint Server 2010 for extranet usage.

Finally tackling the burden of outdated intranets
Always last on the list of perceived business impact, most IT groups have put off intranet refreshes for 2-3 years and now can’t wait any longer. Many we talk to are looking at a hosted SharePoint cloud option with the increased functionality of SharePoint Server 2010. By choosing the hosted options, these IT departments can give their teams more, with less internal effort.

The bottom line: Go ahead and FLEX your SharePoint cloud muscle. It’s an easy workout that will leave your company stronger and positioned to move faster once the economic recovery finally begins.

Have any thoughts or ideas about public and private clouds you’d like to share? I would love to hear some discussion in the comments below from the wonderful folks in the SharePoint community.

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