Provide a secure and consistent digital workspace with Secure VDI

The previous post here, Meet compliance standards for regulated industries with Secure VDI, explained how Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) meets the managed access compliances for regulated or  sensitive data industries, such as healthcare and financial organizations.

Building off of that, Secure VDI allows for a dedicated desktop profile on a Terminal Server, meaning the users have the ability to set background images and set shortcuts on the desktop for frequently used applications or files/folders.

The same applies to which applications can be run or installed on these environments. The general practice is to have an agreed upon desktop design or build that includes all of the applications required for the individual user. By design this does not allow the user the  administrative capability to add or remove non approved applications.

In addition to application and desktop customization, firewall controls are also configurable. This often speaks to productivity concerns and overall security.

Given the secure environment in which these virtual instances are created, the ability to easily control what these devices can access on public internet becomes a management feature as well. An example would be to simply limit internet access to specific work related sites, and not allow non work related sites, such as social media and other more recreational driven content. This process combined with multi-factor authentication continues to focus on security.

What sets apart from the rest when looking to add VDI?

We have engineered this service and application out of necessity. As client access environments continue to expand locally and across the globe, the challenge becomes increasingly more complex to work.  What makes the leader in this service, is that we have not only developed this solution for client based consumption, but this is something that is used by and has had an amazing impact on security and productivity.

We are 100% dedicated to improving upon security and ease of access to easily extend and manage workforces, whether they reside under the same roof, or they are halfway around the world.  Our security practices and infrastructure, coupled with our Absolute Support®, is what truly makes an already amazing product even better.

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