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SharePoint Health Report CardAttention SharePoint Administrators and IT teams: Wondering if your SharePoint environment makes the grade? can provide the answer with our latest offering – a new, free service to check the health and performance of your SharePoint deployment.

We help by lending our SharePoint expertise wherever it’s needed. Our deep knowledgebase consists of tutorials, eBooks, webinars and more to help SharePoint users and admins alike, but this is something different…

The SharePoint Health Report Card focuses on what best practices have been implemented and what customizations may be helping or hurting your system. Our specialists use a series of questions to identify the environment’s strengths and weaknesses and we follow up with a full report to help provide direction or assurance that you’re on the right path.

What is my SharePoint Health Report Card graded on?

  • Outstanding warnings or errors
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • If SQL Server best practices are being used
  • Your hardware specifications
  • Your backup schedule and history
  • Current patch levels
  • Monitoring and logging processes
  • Service applications review
  • Your SharePoint boundaries and limitations
  • Web Application and Site Collection health

How it works:

It’s a pretty simple system. You will sign up and fill out a questionnaire that asks different questions about the things that your Report Card is graded on.’s SharePoint team will review your answers and gauge the health and performance of the environment from that information. We will grade your SharePoint and, if necessary, offer recommendations on how to fix any issues that may be present. Finally, we are available, as you may suspect, to resolve any of the issues for you should you choose that option. The bottom line is that we’re here to help, and if you need our managed SharePoint services to step up and bring out the best in your SharePoint world – then that’s just what we’ll do.

SharePoint can be an unwieldy beast of a platform, and between finding trusted third-party web parts that help you customize the system to match your business needs and then implementing successful SharePoint user adoption, things can get lost in the mix.

If you think you may be losing control of your SharePoint management, have strayed too far from best practices path, or just need reassurance that you’re the best in class, our SharePoint Health Report Card will give you a clear analysis of the health and performance of your SharePoint environment.

How do I get my SharePoint Health Report Card?

We’ve even made it easy to sign up.

When you navigate to the SharePoint Health Report Card page, you’ll find a short form that asks for your name, email and number. Once we have your contact info, you can choose to have us call you or you can begin answering questions online to get a head start on the process.

That’s it. If you signed up during the work week between 8am – 5pm (CST), you can expect the SharePoint Health Report Card on your desk with a big shiny grade on it within 48 hours.

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