Save the Farm: Disaster Recovery for SharePoint Webinar

(This webinar is currently available on-demand: SAVE THE FARM: DISASTER RECOVERY FOR SHAREPOINT)

Well, I’m a movie star… The latest webinar announcement can be seen below and it stars me, the guy in the Cardinals shirt. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence that soon after filming, the St. Louis Cardinals clinched first place in the National League Central Division. But I digress…

Our latest Fpwebinar is October 10th, 2013, at 11am (ET) and it’s all about Disaster Recovery for SharePoint!

At the end of our last webinar, we asked the viewers which subject they would like to see covered in the next Fpwebinar. It’s no surprise that Disaster Recovery was the front runner. Like buying a warranty or a lottery ticket, the benefit of a Disaster Recovery strategy isn’t immediately visible, but dear Lord, it can change the game if you get the right one!

Disaster Recovery is a critical step in your Business Continuity Plan. In the event of your data becoming unavailable through an outage or a connection issue, there needs to be a set of steps in place that will keep your business moving. This typically involves an offsite, fully operational farm being switched on that contains all of the resources and data that were located in the affected data center. But there are many ways to skin this cat…

That’s why Jesse Roche and Joe Beyer are taking the helm of our latest Fpwebinar to explain how to protect your SharePoint from a major incident. Save the Farm: Disaster Recovery for SharePoint is a short, concise listing of the major components involved in a proper SharePoint disaster recovery plan.

Join them as they discuss the main differences between cold, warm and hot standbys, as well as offsite backups, automatic failovers and hybrid approaches for on-premises deployments. You’ll learn why response time objectives and recovery time objectives are so important, and also take the opportunity to get your questions answered at the end of the webinar during the Q&A section.

Registering is easy and free, just follow this link:

We look forward to seeing you there!

About our presenters:

Picture of Jesse RocheJesse Roche, VP of Sales 
Jesse has served as a customer advocate for years, answering technical, billing or renewal questions to bring the most value to customers’ SharePoint environments. Now as Vice President of Sales, Jesse constructs the perfect infrastructure for your business, adding customizations and recovery as needed. When he’s not fighting for our customers, Jesse is at home playing with his daughters, driving his wife crazy with his obsessive house cleaning, or relaxing and watching a game with the real princess of the house: Kimi, his Beagle mix.

Picture of Joe BeyerJoe Beyer, Sr. SharePoint Administrator/Project Manager
Joe has impressive experience building SharePoint farms and architecting disaster recovery plans that fit the customer’s needs. He has built a majority of’s customer environments based on unique specifications ranging from single server multi-tenant to 10 server farms and larger. Joe enjoys working with clients to ensure their environments are functioning at an optimal level, but Joe can quickly shed technology and become an outdoorsman who enjoys boating, fishing, hunting and being a competent handyman who saves time for softball and CrossFit.

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