SharePoint Add-on: The User Adoption & Productivity Suite

Add an Instant Support and Helpdesk Solution to your SharePoint

SharePoint User Adoption and Productivity’s latest SharePoint solution pairs the very best Content Panda and Support+ Premium have to offer with comprehensive, on-demand training and support for the platform. Now your SharePoint users can access the how-tos and step-by-step training they need to be successful, and they can learn at their own pace.

Improve Your SharePoint Investment:

Sure, SharePoint is a complicated, heavy-handed platform that needs all the User Adoption optimization that it can get. This tool will give you all the hands-on help you need with just one simple solution. Plus, it doesn’t matter where your users are at in their training, because this solution covers everyone, no matter what level they are, and it’s even delivered in a broad choice of different formats. They can view thousands of helpful topics that are covered with quick and simple step-by-step and how-to videos.

Bottom line: This is on-demand access to the training and support your SharePoint users need.

Enhance Your SharePoint User Adoption:

Your SharePoint users want to learn at their own pace. This helps train them effectively, directly from their desktop. Thanks to the computer based training modules designed by the best SharePoint experts around, your users can benefit from the increased adoption and productivity that results from having an exhaustive SharePoint training resource.

Each interactive learning process provides an engaging way to broaden your SharePoint horizons and learn independently from your desk. To help you retain the knowledge, you can access quizzes, demonstrations, practical tests, animations, narratives and more.

Bottom line: The SharePoint 2013 Computer Based Training modules consist of over 7 hours of educational content that can be accessed on your time to suit your schedule.

Hear It From the Experts:

To learn more about Content Panda and Support+ Premium, check out the recent partner webinar that we hosted. Simplify Your SharePoint & Office 365 with In-Context Help and Training is a 15 minute video that explains how you can drive internal adoption and save time and money with their help.

Couple tidbits to contemplate:

According to research, 52% of SharePoint users have no formal training or communication plan to drive internal adoption.

The companies that try to improve user adoption can spend thousands bringing in training or sending employees to conferences. The problem is, even with all that forethought and training, people forget things.

Everyone learns in different ways and it’s important to provide training at their pace and have it easily accessible as a resource whenever needed.

Putting support and help content in-context on a SharePoint site simplifies the user experience and makes it easy to find the answers to the SharePoint questions that are slowing them down.

Bottom line: As a result, you accelerate adoption, cut support costs, maximize investments and simplify your SharePoint site.

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