SharePoint Administrators Wanted: Apply Anywhere!

Is your SharePoint team evaporating or unable to keep up?  You are not alone. 

There’s a dangerous trend accelerating for those running SharePoint on-premises. SharePoint admins are leaving!

Have you tried to find a good SharePoint Administrator lately? Good luck. If your least favorite head hunter finds one for you, I hope you’re sitting down.  These folks are expensive on the open market. So, why are they leaving and what are your options?  Let’s learn more about this elusive creature, the SharePoint admin…

Finding Your SharePoint Administrator

SharePoint is a complex product and as the user experience (UX) gets better with each release, it also gets increasingly complex to administer and get under the hood to fix things. As a result, it takes considerable time for a SharePoint admin to cut his teeth.

How much SharePoint Admin experience do you want? 
1 year – don’t touch anything.
2 years – learning some things.
3 years – starting to know a bit.
4 years – more than 1 version under belt.
5 years – 10,000 hours and yes, you may touch it.

So one option is for you is to bake your own SharePoint admins. If you have a deep SharePoint bench, you can plan for the turnover and phase folks in and out over 2-3 years. If you have enough runway and good training resources, you are set. **IT and HR alert!!** (insert annoying siren sound here)  You don’t have 2-3 years any more!  SharePoint admins are so scarce, they are leaving after 1-2 years.  The sad fact is there is always someone willing to pay more than you for that young admin.

Understanding the SharePoint Administrator Demand 

Here is another trend I am seeing as I talk to CIOs about SharePoint.  They are trying to do more with SharePoint and need more help.  So we are asking more of our SharePoint staff who are averaging fewer years of experience.  Holistically how does this affect your company?  Projects take longer.  People work longer hours.  And you are no longer as agile.  You are probably picking up on the “longer” theme.

People ask me all the time,  Rob, will that 25 year old SharePoint admin with 2 years experience really leave my company for $5k more per year?  My answer is absolutely not.  They are going to leave you for $20k more per year.  And it ramps up quickly from there with each additional year of experience.  Prepare to feed the monster or find another way.

Did you know recruiters call me weekly to hire me just because I have SharePoint in my job description. Too funny. I even took them up on one offer from and hired myself again… Just like you, we are always looking for good SharePointers! But seriously, with each release of SharePoint (noticed they are accelerating?) the fervor for knowledgeable admins increases.

Go to Where the SharePoint Administrators Live

So how do we keep you staffed with excellent SharePoint admins? I have one remedy for you. And it will cost you less than your FTEs. Why not let become your SharePoint team?  I guarantee you can’t do SharePoint as well or as fast as we can, and that’s not me boasting or ridiculing – I’m just stating a cold, hard fact.

With about 1,000 Enterprise SharePoint farms and millions of users, we have seen it all.  Oh, and we bake our own SharePoint team and have a really deep SharePoint bench. And the best part is, we care about the success of your business.  I want to free you and your internal SharePoint team up to use SharePoint as a strategic enabler for your business units. We can handle the mundane stuff and we work weekends so your IT can become strategic to the CEO and you can spend more time with your kids. (Check out our new Service Suite!) Mi SharePoint casa es su SharePoint casa. Best part, the ROI is really easy to see. We cost less than a SharePoint Administrator FTE.

A SharePoint Administrator to Fit Any Business

Ok, Rob this all sounds great but we’re not moving to the Cloud.  Security concerns, migration pain, compliance issues…  The list goes on and on.  We just aren’t ready.  Hey, I get it. And I’m ready to have an interesting conversation with you. no longer cares where your SharePoint lives. You have different needs than everyone else and should be comfortable where your SharePoint data lives. We can manage SharePoint at your place (on-premises), at ours (the Private Cloud), or on Azure/AWS.

So getting back to the case of the missing SharePoint admin, this is really an opportunity for your company to grow faster. To increase agility and stop fretting with SharePoint. It is a great tool and my guess is you are using about 50% of what it can really do for your CIO and CEO.

Ready to Grow Your SharePoint Team?

I will leave you with this.  You can grow your bottom line or you can grow your internal SharePoint team but you can’t do both. Your competitor isn’t.  Growing your SharePoint team with may be the easiest decision you make all year. And bonus! – we understand Microsoft SharePoint licensing because we live it every day. Bring your SharePoint licensing (we can use yours), bring your SharePoint questions (we will find the answer) and get your remaining SharePoint admins working on game changing projects.

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