SharePoint Conferences 2015: Quality over Quantity

2015 event calendarAs hard as I work to slow time down, 2015 will be here before we know it.

We’re just weeks away and not only does January ring in my fifth year anniversary with (where has the time gone!?), but a whole new year of events! Let the logistics and planning begin!

When I first started five years ago, SharePoint shows were few and far between and, here at, we’ve really experienced the full evolution of these events. I went back and did the math:

In the past five years, we’ve planned and executed 109 events, gone through more booths than I can count (moment of silence for Boothzilla please), and traveled to every single continent (yes, even Antarctica…) spreading the Hosted SharePoint gospel to every corner of the earth.

So what’s in store for 2015? Well, I guess you could say we’re taking it down a notch.

Over the past couple years, events have certainly changed, but, more than that, how people choose to educate themselves has changed as well. Budgets are tighter and employers expect their people to get their information more on the fly than at a once-a-year event.

That being said, there is nothing more valuable than the networking, face-to-face interactions and opportunities that are presented when you get so many focused brains in one city. So just like most, we will be moving to the “quality over quantity” approach for our conference calendar in 2015.

The 2015 Events & Conference Rundown

SPTechCon, Austin – February 8-11:

You read that right, AUSTIN! After establishing the event for many years in San Francisco, organizers are taking a leap of faith and following the technology boom in Austin, Texas to breathe new life into this biannual event.  It seems that this year’s content will be much more relevant to present times. Touting a main theme on their website of “SharePoint Crossroads- Which Way Will You Go?” ensures great conversation and direction will center on the future of SharePoint investments.

SharePoint Evolution, London – April 20-22:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Best Organized Event Ever! Zoe Watson and her Combined Knowledge crew always have every detail down to perfection, with surprises each day and a stellar a group of speakers that make this a can’t miss, intimate and very educational event.  Sadly, we’ve missed out on the past two years, but after an investment in a UK Datacenter, the road crew will be back with a full American invasion in 2015!

Microsoft Ignite, Chicago – May 4-8:

Much like’s strategy, Microsoft is going for quality over quantity this year as well. Ignite will be a combination of many of Microsoft’s key events (The Management Summit, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Project, and TechEd). This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors like us (as laid out in my Ignite introduction blog), but even more so for attendees who will have the opportunity to attend just one event and consume everything Microsoft and Cloud they need to know for the coming year. It will be the one event in 2015 to make a game plan regarding your future of Exchange, SharePoint, Private Cloud hosting, public facing Office 365, Mobility, and so much more!

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Atlanta – July 12-16:

You won’t be able to find the booth at this year’s WPC, however our team members will be in attendance.  In 2014, we re-launched and rebranded our very own partner program, the Fpweb.NETWORK, and in DC at WPC we had endless valuable conversation and partner meetings. This year, we’ll be hitting the ground to do just the same thing: find out how we can help our partners win business and make their hosting and administrative services that much more valuable.

We hope to see you in 2015!

There you have it – the major, must-attend SharePoint events in 2015!  Of course, will continue to attend events and sponsor the website for SharePoint Saturdays, and be more involved than ever with our sponsorship of SharePoint 24, but, just like Microsoft, we’re combining our efforts to give you the biggest bang for your bucket in fewer locations.

In the comments below, tell us where you’ll be this year and if there are any other events that the SharePoint Road Crew should attend.

And before too long, I’ll be introducing you to the SITECORE Road Crew!

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