FAQ for SharePoint Consultants

Fpweb.net for 15 yearsAre you a SharePoint consultant or systems integrator who has a pipeline of projects waiting for funding, hardware procurement, or SharePoint admin staffing? Wouldn’t you like to get those projects rolling, saving your customers money while knowing that the infrastructure is secure, fast performing, and scalable? Along with these benefits, you can earn recurring referral bonuses!

Fpweb.net has been successfully hosting SharePoint for over ten years and was the first in the world to host SharePoint 2010! Please read our Consultant’s FAQ below and contact us if you’re ready to take your business to the next level with Fpweb.net.

Consultant: What does Fpweb.net’s Private SharePoint Cloud provide?

Fpweb.net’s FLEXible SharePoint private cloud offerings have a proven track record of performance, security, and exceptional support. We have focused exclusively on SharePoint hosting since SharePoint 2007 was introduced.

Consultant: I want to deploy server side code and integrate with LOB systems such as SAP, SalesForce, Office 365, and other systems.

Our SharePoint clouds give you full server control and the foundation to build amazing SharePoint solutions for your customers. We don’t charge for bandwidth. If you setup a VPN tunnel to your client’s network, the hosted solution acts as though it is in their own datacenter with regards to single sign on an application communication. Fpweb.net hosted SharePoint extends the functionality of Office 365 and other LOB systems integrations.

Consultant: I want to get this project underway, but have to wait months for my customers to acquire hardware and software licensing for the proposed solution.

Fpweb.net can stand up a fully redundant SharePoint farm in 5-10 business days. Our staff of Microsoft certified SharePoint 2010 administrators help design, install and configure the initial SharePoint implementation. We also offer FLEXible SharePoint licensing possibilities – you can use your existing CALs and FIS licensing or rent the licensing through the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing (SPLA) model.

Consultant: I have a lot of customers who would benefit from your services. Do you have a reseller program?

YES! We have a simple reseller program which will award you 10% of the initial hosting contract and 5% at the time of renewal. You can pocket this money or use it to incentivize your customer to move forward with the projects by passing on the savings. This return is on top of our discounts for longer term contracts and can be a significant amount of savings for you or your customer.

Consultant:  I am a SharePoint developer and don’t have the admin and infrastructure knowledge to design an appropriate SharePoint topology and DR plan for my customer.

No problem!  We’re SharePoint admin and infrastructure experts. We help design a server topology to meet your customers’ business requirements and SLA. You can sleep well at night knowing that your customer’s private cloud is backed up, monitored, and supported by our 24x7x365 engineering staff.


If you’d like to speak with our sales and technical teams, please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to schedule a discussion.

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