SharePoint Demo Environments: Taking a Test Drive

Free Demo Servers are available to test our Managed SharePoint services

Mom always said: “When you have a great product or service, why not show it off?”

Okay, maybe she didn’t, but I certainly do and, here at, I’m always talking about the benefits of our SharePoint hosting services. And while I often hear potential customers ask a lot of great technical questions, I’m surprised by how few ask about taking a test drive in our demo environments.

Take the Cloud for a Test Drive


Not many people will buy a car without a test drive, and it shouldn’t be any different when considering a hosting provider. You have to trust a car to keep you and your family safe, and a hosting provider to keep your data safe. If the safety of your business is at stake, you definitely don’t want to end up with a lemon. But beyond the dramatic implications, you need to make sure the basic look and feel is something you will love for years after you sign up.

Kick the Tires, Gain Confidence

It’s important that you have confidence in your hosting provider. In fact that confidence, or lack of it, is a deciding factor if you make the move to the cloud at all. That’s why we encourage anyone who is looking at our services to request a demo. It sounds like a car sales tactic, but it makes sense. If we are going to host your SharePoint environment (and hold your precious data), don’t you want to know what you’re getting? During the sales process, you will hear someone like myself tell you all about our great security, performance  and reliability – don’t you want to know if I’m telling the truth?

Don’t worry, I am. But find out for yourself, everyone who does has a great experience, and when they do sign up for our services, they do so with confidence.

This is kind of like a first date, and like most dates these days, it typically starts by looking around online for a potential match and then singling out a few candidates. You find us attractive (we like you too), but you’re not ready for a commitment. Which is fine – moving your SharePoint to a dedicated cloud environment is a big commitment, and it’s usually a multi-year relationship. So before diving in, save yourself the worry of wondering if you chose the right provider.

What Do You Get from a Demo Environment?

Well for one, you will know that I am, in fact, not exaggerating about our SharePoint services. More importantly you’ll get a tactile, realistic, and personalized experience that is identical to the on-premises world.  You’ll see that you can add 3rd party web parts, have total server control, and experience the same level of customization as an in-house deployment.

You’ll also know if the private cloud is right for your business.

Odds are if you are bound by compliance standards or place emphasis on performance then you’ve found the right provider. But if we are not a good fit for you, then at this point you haven’t lost anything. In fact you’ve gained knowledge and made an informed decision.

So give us a try, ask us about our demo environments and how to apply today.

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