SharePoint Enterprise Webinar Series Returns with “HR Temptations”

SharePoint Hosting provider is once again teaming up with Innovative-e, Inc. to present a FREE webinar on “5 Risky SharePoint HR Temptations” on Wednesday, May 23rd at 2:00pm ET.

Join Chris Schwab, SharePoint Engineering Director for, and Caroll Ford, Managing Partner and SharePoint Practice Owner for Innovative-e, Inc., for an in-depth look into the Human Resources “temptations” or mistakes that organizations make when it comes to understanding the roles necessary to successfully implement and maintain a SharePoint portal, as well as knowing what skills are essential to the various roles. Key topics in this FREE webinar include:

  • Discussing the different roles that are required to successfully implement a SharePoint portal
  • For each role, learning the appropriate technical and soft skills necessary to form a winning team
  • Selecting the “right” people for a SharePoint team
  • Understanding how SharePoint governance guidelines and policies interact with the team selection and success
  • Managing a cross-functional team that consists of IT and business people who may report through different structures

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Chris Schwab of and Caroll Ford of Innovative-e

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“5 Risky SharePoint Executive Engagement Temptations”
Tuesday, January 31 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Mike Taylor, Innovative-e, Inc.
Sponsor: Susan Hanley LLC

“5 Risky SharePoint Governance Temptations”
Wednesday, February 29 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Tim Cermak, Innovative-e, Inc.
Sponsor: CloudShare

“5 Risky SharePoint Temptations for IT Leaders”
Thursday, March 29 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Dux Raymond Sy, Innovative-e, Inc.

“5 Risky SharePoint Training Temptations”
Friday, April 27 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Eoin Callan, Innovative-e, Inc.

“5 Risky SharePoint Human Resource Temptations”

Wednesday, May 23 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Caroll Ford, Innovative-e, Inc. 

“Executives Beware: 5 Risky SharePoint Temptations for Executives”
Thursday, June 21 at 2:00pm ET
Presenter: Dux Raymond Sy, Innovative-e, Inc.

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About Innovative-e, Inc.

Innovative-e Inc., is a business consulting and technology services company that helps clients achieve tangible business results with Microsoft SharePoint technologies. Offerings include business process consulting, executive briefings, application development, training, project management solutions, systems integration and support. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Innovative-e is known for thought leadership in the areas of applying SharePoint technologies to improve Project Management and for developing and promoting best practices for implementing SharePoint solutions (SharePoint for PM and PM for SharePoint). Innovative-e has locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and Reston, Virginia, with technology delivery centers in Sri Lanka. For more information about Innovative-e, visit

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