SharePoint Helps You Avoid Scary Business Scenarios!

October can produce some scary situations, like getting caught eating all of the Halloween candy you were supposed to give the neighborhood kids…

But you don’t need October 31st to remind you of some harrowing business scenarios that can ruin your day. Luckily, for business fright-mares, the solution is simple: Microsoft SharePoint has the tricks to treat you to a less stressed work environment!

What’s scary?
That big presentation you’re giving is in 30 minutes and your laptop is acting up. Now your hotel room looks like a war scene after you’ve torn it apart searching for your backup flash drive that has conveniently disappeared. The fear sets in…

If you had SharePoint, you wouldn’t have to worry.  With Office Web Apps, you can create the presentation in SharePoint.  Walk to the business center in the hotel, and boom… access to your presentation. Office Web Apps even lets you log into your SharePoint site and actually run the presentation from the web browser, even if PowerPoint isn’t installed on the local computer.

What’s scary?
You need a company document, but there’s one problem: Finding it. You still remember your last trip to the company’s filing room: Surrounded by huge cabinets that house ill-filed paperwork while the smell of musty paper begins to take over. The fear sets in…

Rather than using an endless room of wall-to-wall file cabinets with a manual system for locating documents that rivals the Library of Congress’ card catalog, just save all the documents in SharePoint. SharePoint’s Document Management features help you leverage your company’s taxonomy and metadata so the documents can be easily found.

What’s scary?
Being audited. That fateful day when the taxman cometh and a dark, stormy thundercloud begins forming above your business. What’s really scary? The auditor telling you that they need a specific set of documents. The fear sets in…

With a SharePoint Records Archive site, you can quickly retrieve important company documents that have been declared records. Easy. Just print them out, hand them to the auditor (maybe with a plate of freshly baked cookies) and quietly walk away.

What’s scary?
Internal e-mail chains. Miles of replies and forwards that contain subject lines with no pertinence to the subject matter. One million flashy signatures that make scrolling through content as bearable as the replacement refs made the start of the NFL season. The fear sets in…

SharePoint discussion boards to the rescue. No more Inbox searches with results that have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re looking for. SharePoint discussion boards are an efficient way to see discussions with the most recent activity, which ones are the most popular and the replies to each topic. It’s a robust way to filter company-wide conversation.

What’s scary?  
You’ve spent the afternoon working on a document that you’re finally happy with. The ideas presented are succinct, and you sound smart. Done. Perfect. Save. You pack up for the day and sleep easy that night knowing you’re ready to present to the boss in the morning. But the morning greets you with a different version of the document. That’s not the phrase I used… Where’s my graph?… What happened here?! The fear sets in…

Avoid someone overwriting your file with SharePoint Check in and Check out and Versioning.  When you make edits, the document must be checked out, eliminating the possibility of someone else editing over your changes. And when you save your edits, your version of the document is safe and sound (even if someone else makes edits later). Thanks to SharePoint Versioning, you can always revert to a previous version of the document.

Eliminate your business fears with SharePoint and call to find a solution that doesn’t keep you up at night.

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