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The top question we were asked at the booth, besides ‘where can I get one of those light up glitter balls’ was how SharePoint hosting from holds up against Microsoft’s BPOS.  After a bit of deep pondering, we came up with this little treasure trove of insight.

Microsoft’s BPOS – also known as “SharePoint Online” offering is like a huge ship of Titanic proportions.  With a ship this big, flexibility is not an option and change doesn’t come easy.  BPOS is great if you’re a small startup that needs Exchange and live meeting.  However, if the previous sentence doesn’t describe you, prepare to get a watered down, out of the box solution that remains the same, regardless of how your business evolves.

  • BPOS is beneficial if you’re in one of two ranks- small business or huge enterprise (20,000+ minimum).
  • Just like on a cruise, you’re on their schedule meaning you have to use it according to their set of restrictive rules… and believe us – BPOS has plenty of limits on functionality.
  • BPOS will let you host your extranet or public facing site outside of your network, so CALs will not be required.  However, it doesn’t offer critical SharePoint functions like Active Directory integration or 3rd party web parts.  Yes, you heard right – NO AD INTEGRATION.
  • Microsoft is an expert at developing SharePoint, but only have two years of hosting experience under their belt.  How fast will they respond when a problem looms in the horizon like a hidden iceberg?

Hosting SharePoint with is more like a fleet of sleek speed boats.  Each customer has their own zippy Baja 35 Outlaw, giving you the power to steer your own course.

  • We put you in the driver’s seat with full server control, the power to customize and the ability to add third party web parts.
  • Critical SharePoint functions like Active Directory, anonymous user access, and custom domain names are supported.
  • Our dedicated MOSS hosting solutions can be created for any number of users.  There are no additional fees with our unlimited user account creation.
  • The convenient online ticket system lets us know what you need immediately so we can start helping.
  • We don’t moonlight in SharePoint.  With over ten years experience, it’s our main game, our bread and butter, our livelihood.  So far, we’ve had over 1,000,000 users in 80 countries jump on board with us.   Shouldn’t you?

As the first company to ever to host SharePoint, we’ve got so much SharePoint wisdom we’re actually pointing out flaws in SharePoint 2010 to help Microsoft prepare for the public release.  While their focus has shifted to playing catch up, ours remains the same – making sure that your hosted SharePoint environment is in tip top shape and running to up speed.  After all, it’s our goal to make sure that hosting your SharePoint site with us is smooth sailing.

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    please call me ASAP 916-825-4275 my website is down and I need help getting it up and runnig again.

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