SharePoint Tech Talks Sales

Uh… you’re not a salesman?

I’m a technical guy.  A true nuts and bolts/love looking under the hood/troubleshooting is my favorite pastime/technical guy.  However, if you contacted us about Hosted SharePoint recently, chances are you’ve talked to me or another one of our SharePoint Ninjas instead of some previous used car salesman turned cloud services cold caller.  What’s the deal with that?

Coffee MachineFirst off, we don’t… and will never… follow a traditional “sales” model… heck we aren’t your traditional company period.

In an office where Nerf gun wars are as common as conference calls and our “water cooler” is a really cool (and mission-critical) coffee machine – we tend to do things a bit differently.  Engineering, Marketing, Development, even our Customer Care department are all operating outside of your traditional business model, but I’m not here to talk about them, I’m here to talk sales shop.

It goes on your feet, right?

When you go shoe shopping, you already know what you want: shoes.  And you don’t walk in and say to the sales guy, “Tell me why I should wear shoes.”  You already know why.

Hosting SharePoint is the same way.  We aren’t here to convince you that you need it; the simple fact that you contacted us already told us that.  We’re here to make sure that our services and support are the right style and fit for your needs.  That’s where technical SharePoint folks like me come in.

Milton from Office Space

I’m a SharePoint tech… but I’m no Milton.

Don’t get me wrong.  We ( SharePoint Engineers) aren’t your traditional shut me in a dark closet/don’t talk to me/feed me caffeine and let me work types, but we know our stuff.  We want to be able to talk to you about anything from when you might not need that extra Web Front End, to how much it would cost to add a couple more Gigs of RAM.

So we can talk technical… or not – it’s your choice.  Even if we don’t know the answer, we definitely know who does.  We aren’t pushy because quite frankly, we’re very confident in what we do – enough to let you walk off the lot without tackling you about making a deal today.  If we don’t have your model or style, we’ll tell you who does.

The point of interest

ShoesBut I still haven’t gotten to the point.  Why am I in sales right now?  Because right now there is more interest for Hosted SharePoint than there was for the Royal Wedding… (or at least maybe a close second).

The point is:  people and companies are seeing the benefit and efficiency of SharePoint 2010 hosting services and they want in!  That means I’m here helping out – getting you the right answers, right now.

So if you’ve been putting off getting a quote or asking a question, let us know!  I promise we will find a shoe that fits.

One last thing – If you’re looking for a challenge that rewards your hard work and creativity – apply now for a career with!

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