Sitecore Moves into the SharePoint Space

Sitecore and SharePointSitecore, a Web Content Management system, gains momentum alongside SharePoint

Although the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is a mere spec on our rear view mirror, the Microsoft 2014 ISV Partner of the Year is accelerating its pace. That partner award winner is none other than Sitecore.

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a .Net web-based content management platform on which you can build websites and utilize marketing automation, analytics and personalization to drive customer engagement and increased revenue. In simple acronym terms, a WCM system.

Why does care?

As a dedicated Microsoft SharePoint hosting provider, we have assisted many customers in launching their public facing websites using the SharePoint platform within’s private dedicated cloud. Many continue to use SharePoint for their internet sites, and in some use cases, it still works very well. But many want to extend that platform with a rich customer experience to better interact with and cultivate their customers. For that they are turning to Sitecore.

As we work side by side with our Fpweb.NETWORK Partners, we have also taken note that many of the Microsoft System Integrators with SharePoint practices are setting up Sitecore practices as well. It allows them to continue supporting SharePoint as an industry leading collaboration and ECM platform by extending that investment with the Customer Experience Platform from Sitecore. and Sitecore

Our relationship is simple. We can utilize the best practices and knowlegebase that we’ve built up with our hosting history and bring out the best in your Sitecore environment, giving you the enterprise-grade security and availability that’s standard with our solutions. Simply put, Sitecore improves your website; improves your business.

Combine that with our private cloud solutions and you have a win-win. A private cloud solution gives you full control, security and the performance you expect from your on-premises infrastructure without the added cost of hardware, support and legacy software restrictions. Given there is typically a two to three year refresh cycle for websites, is it time for you to consider your options?’s Hosting Excellence

I also enjoy pointing out from time to time how we got our name. The “Fp” in stands for Microsoft FrontPage as in the FrontPage Web Hosting Network. As always, we continue to evolve our offerings and expertise right along with the wonderful worldwide web!

Next week, several Fpwebbers will be attending the Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas. We plan on meeting with Sitecore and their Implementation Partners to ensure our offerings are attractive and will rapidly accelerate Sitecore customer’s time to market by removing burdens and housing the infrastructure in our state-of-the-art compliant datacenters. Our private cloud solutions mean you get the control of on-premises with all the availability, security and performance of the cloud. And as an added bonus, you get the same support and expertise we’ve perfected with SharePoint.

Let’s Catch Up

Not heading to Las Vegas next week? Catch us live at these other events in September: SharePointpalooza in Branson, MO; SPTechCon in Boston, MA; and SPTechFest in Denver, CO.  Or…. just drop me a note or pick up the phone and give me a call.  I am always interested in learning about your business and identifying ways we can work together for mutual success.  To the cloud!

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