SP24: The 24 Hour Global SharePoint Conference is Here!

SP24 logoSP24 has arrived!

The 24 hour SharePoint conference that you’ve been hearing about online and at various SharePoint events including SPC14 has just reached the starting line.

The SharePoint Community-driven event will follow the sun from New Zealand to Hawaii, bringing with it an innovative new way to deliver SharePoint expertise to the masses with over 100 sessions all prepared and presented by the SharePoint community’s favorite speakers. The best of the best. And it’s free!

So if you haven’t registered yet, stop reading and register for SP24!

If you’re already good to go then you probably have an idea of how you’re going to spend the next day – tracking your favorite sessions starting at 10pm (GMT) which is 6pm (EST), today, April 16th. Hope you have some energy drinks on standby if you think you can go the distance!

It all starts with a keynote from the Senior Product Marketing Manager and Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint, Mr. Bill Baer, who will kick things off by examining “SharePoint On-Premises, in the Cloud, and Everything In between.” If you know Bill, you know that he’s a big presence in the SharePoint world and the perfect choice to get things going on the first completely online SharePoint conference.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. You can check out the entire SP24 agenda to see who is speaking and when.

The entire Fpweb.net office will be sitting by their computers with popcorn in hand when our CEO and Founder, Rob LaMear steps up the SP24 virtual stage for his session “The Tipping Point Between On-Premises and the Cloud” tomorrow, April 17th, at 4pm (EST).

Everyone except for our support staff that is – because they’ll be all hands on deck as they stay prepared to handle any issues that may appear when over 5,000 attendees log in for their SP24 fix. Yes, Fpweb.net is proud to host this great conference’s site www.sp24conf.com which essentially uses our SharePoint 2013 Farm Treo hosting plan but customized to handle the massive demand by utilizing two load balanced web front ends and a SQL server.

You can see how the whole project came together in this quick little video:

SP24 is born thanks to the tireless efforts of many people who have made it their mission to provide an easily accessible and free resource for great SharePoint information. You can check out the SP24 Team page to see who is leading the charge!

How it will work:

Attendees will visit the main SP24 conference site where they can access all the sessions as they’re happening. A link on the left navigation will let them browse all the sessions and even give attendees the option to create a session schedule for easier navigation. And just to add to the fun, there’s even a SP24 Social area where you can keep up with all the trending topics on Facebook and Twitter – which I think is a great addition!

Finally, if you miss a session, don’t worry. All SP24 sessions will be shared in an “on-demand” format that will likely be available a week or two after the event.

So there you have it, SP24 is here so save yourself from the “you had to be there” talks at upcoming conferences and make sure you don’t miss out on this great SharePoint event! Thanks again to everyone involved!

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